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cannabis seeds online spain

Alongside other world famous strains such as:

As one of the fastest-growing cannabis seeds companies in Europe, Royal Queen Seeds is well on the way to become a worldwide market leader. With our new store in Barcelona, Royal Queen Seeds will be present right at the heart of Europe’s cannabis culture!

All our seeds are grown organically, selected by hand and regularly tested to check the quality and germination rates.

Take advantage of some of the world’s best genetics with the top seeds by Royal Queen Seeds that already won many prizes over the years, including the well-known Highlife Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

After the hugely successful launch of our seeds store in the heart of Amsterdam, Royal Queen Seeds is now opening a shop in Barcelona, Spain.

You can find classic strains like:

Our Barcelona shop will be specializing in offering growers our first-rate quality Royal Queen Seeds brand cannabis seeds along with various Royal Queen Seeds merchandise and accessories.

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We are very sorry to inform you that, against our will, we are now unable to engage in any commercial activity. We are working round the clock to resume normal activity as soon as possible, but we still don’t know when we’ll be able to operate normally.

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Sensi Seeds have been around since the very first days when people tended to commercialize cannabis. They have a long history and make a huge contribution to the world’s cannabis genetics with leading cannabis strains.

This seed bank also optimizes customer service to deliver the most impressive customer experience. They build good websites, implement lots of deals, and take care of customers at the right time.

You also don’t need to worry about your payment information being leaked or stolen. Besides, Experiencia Natural Grow Shop offers attached gifts or incentives for each order.

#11 Green Dream Growshop – Offer good seed treatments at a reasonable price

Delicious Seeds is focused on providing the best seeds from the best seed suppliers. They only select and provide seeds that yield high yield, good resistance to pests and diseases, and absolute germination rates. So most of their customers tend to buy more and come back more.

GB The Green Brand GrowBarato develops its website vigorously so that its seeds reach many growers around the world. Safe checkout, discreet shipping, lots of offers are pluses when placing seeds directly on their website.

Need more? Visit their website at

Green Parrot Seeds’ website is designed to be easily accessible to customers who are far away from the store and from overseas. They design and organize the website neatly and completely and you will be guided through the smallest steps.