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We offer a wide range of regular seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds and high CBD cannabis seeds. All of them find their origin in highly reputed seed banks including Sensi seeds, White Label, Dutch Passion, Barney’s Farm, Dinafem, Paradise seeds, Royal Queen seeds, Strainhunters, Sweet Seeds and Greenhouse seeds.Be free to scroll through our extensive range of products to discover exclusive cannabis genetics from all over the world. Herb is the healing of a nation.

This is the right place when you’re looking for first class cannabis seeds. We truly believe that knowhow from a great number of years, our experience and solid expertise will put us in a perfect position to advise you properly and individually as well as to offer the best service to anyone who is looking for cannabis seeds. Cannabis is a marvellous, wonderful plant that has unique properties. It also happens to be our top passion. We are ready to support your quest for the right cannabis genetics to suit your individual taste. Every unique cannabis plant starts off from high quality seed. We already know how important it is to take the right start. For that reason we want to give everybody access to best quality genetics. It’s hard to grow top quality cannabis from lesser quality seeds.

Sensi Skunk Auto

Buying cannabis seeds is only beneficial when a great harvest awaits you. Cannabis seeds are sometimes quite expensive and it would therefore be nice if the investment generates sufficient returns. For that matter the weed seeds by Sensi Skunk are ideal.

Buying weed seeds that are not affected by anything but just imperturbably continue to grow; it is possible with the Sensi Skunk Automatic!

These cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate, even for the starting grower. A lot of experience is therefore not necessary. The Purple Bud owes its name to the purple flowers arising from these cannabis seeds.

Weed seeds, feminised seeds, High CBD Strains, regular seeds, hybrid cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seed, indoor varieties, outdoor seeds, cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica….. Quite a lot of terms are used in the world of cannabis seeds. It is our experience that it is of the utmost importance for the hobby grower and the small-scale home grower to have access to good genetic material. Because of all these terms it is sometimes difficult for the starting cannabis grower to try and make sense of it all. A bit of knowledge about the different types of weed seeds can already help you a long way. If you know what you want and what you need, it is a lot easier to make the right choice. Even if you purchased the best breeding materials in the growshop, without good genetics you will never be able to grow cannabis of a superior quality. That is why is the right place to be. In our assortment you will find a very diverse range of cannabis seeds, we have many varieties that are originating from all parts of the world and that all possess specific characteristics. The varieties we offer are the result of the work of passionate people who have explored the world in their search for the best cannabis genetics available.

Which type is best suitable for you, depends on your personal approach and the way in which you prefer to work. If you only want to grow female cannabis plants for the weed, feminised weed seed is a good choice for you. This way you are certain that all your plants will be female and that you do not have to worry about male plants growing in your garden so you do not waste any space and time cultivating male plants. If you want to start developing your own types and make cannabis crossings, you will need regular seed. Only cannabis plants cultivated from regular seed will be stable enough later on to produce seed of a stable quality as well as stable plants.

Select the type of cannabis seeds

The space you have available is also of the utmost importance. When you only have a tiny garden or a small grow-tent you will not be able to grow extremely large plants while it is possible to grow very large cannabis plants, the term ‘tree’ would actually be better suitable, in a larger garden or grow-tent should you want to. People who have to raise their plants discretely on a small terrace or in a small courtyard in the city, have completely different possibilities than growers who have access to a large garden where they can do whatever they want. On the terrace garden of a flat an autoflowering type of weed, because of its smaller size, will often be a better choice than a regular Sativa variety that can become extremely large. In general, Cannabis Sativa varieties will become a lot bigger than Cannabis Indica varieties and normal varieties will often become a lot bigger than autoflowering types. A proper planning on how you will design your garden and knowledge about the genetics you will use is important, there is no harm in thoroughly thinking it through.

The amount of light available for your plant is also an important factor for the hobby grower. Cannabis plants will get their energy from (sun)light so the more light available for the plant, the larger it can become. This is normally not a problem when you cultivate the plants indoor because we work with special growlights inside, but especially for the small-scale home grower who cultivates the weed plants outdoor in the garden this may sometimes be a problem. Especially growers who live in northern regions and only have short summers with limited hours of light have to make sure that they choose the suitable genetics. Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be a good solution because or their short life cycle. This way you will achieve an optimal result even during a short summer. Of course it is also possible to grow these types indoor and in very sunny areas.

We offer, among others, the following Cannabis seeds:

If you want to simplify the cultivation even more, you should opt for autoflowering Marijuana seeds. These will reach florescence independent from altering lighting cycles – which a usually a core requirement. Furthermore, these species need less cultivation time and are hence earlier ready for the harvest.

Featured products

Regular, feminized, and auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds from the Netherlands offers a broad range of seeds for various cultivation methods – as well as growing into plants with varying effects. Cannabis species with a high share of Indica genes, for example enhance physical and mental relaxation. This plant usually contains more Cannabidiol (CBD). Indica strands are best suited for an evening smoke due to their strong appeasing effect. They help with insomnia and reducing stress. Satvia strands on the other hand have an activating effect, as they contain more Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Mood and attentiveness increase after the Satvia consumption. Choose between the regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds:

Additionally, our Cannabis seeds are always fresh and never purchased as bulk material. We only sell quality goods, assessing every seed before shipping. This is why we can guarantee that only seeds with the highest quality are delivered to our customers.