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Sensi Seeds- They are based in The Netherlands and have been around since 1985.

Cannabis laws tend to change quickly, so it is always good to stay updated on the laws relatively often, especially if you are about to travel to someplace like Spain. For now, though, there are a few ways you can purchase cannabis seeds legally. Aside from one of the designated purchasing sites, it is also legal to buy seeds if you are using them for a government approve reason. If you are purchasing seeds as a cannabis club, or for medicinal or research purposes.

The bottom line is this, if you are traveling to Spain for an extended amount of time, then your best bet for weed is through a cannabis club. If you live in Spain, your best bet is also through a cannabis club. That said, though, if you decide to start cultivating your own weed for personal use, then it is highly advised that you only grow one or two plants. It is also advised that you go through one of the sites listed above to order your seeds.

How to Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in Spain

For personal use:

Unfortunately, because of the overall legal status of marijuana in Spain, it is illegal to sell cannabis seeds. This is because if you are growing cannabis with the intent to sell, you are then breaking the law. Cannabis clubs can sell weed and weed-related products, but they cannot sell seeds.

To clarify, when it comes to buying cannabis seeds, if you only buy enough for personal use, then you fall under this grey area of the legislation. As long as you can prove that your purchase is for personal use, then law enforcement can’t and won’t do anything about it. That said, don’t push the limits on how many plants/seeds constitutes for personal use. At the end of the day, it is the word of law enforcement against yours.

Medicinal and research purposes:

However, there appear to be several “grey zones” when it comes to laws surrounding cannabis seed cultivation and marijuana consumption. Here is a summary of the most important aspects regarding the legality of buying marijuana seeds from seed banks in Spain.

Cultivation is illegal, with fines between 601-30,000 euros, depending on the seriousness of the offense. For minors, they have the legal option to choose a rehabilitation program rather than a fine for the sentence.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Spain

That being said, cannabis is technically legal if consumed in private areas, as per the Spanish Criminal Code. So, the laws have a public versus private consumption distinction. It’s this part of the law that the cannabis clubs point to in order to defend their legality.

These popular local seed banks offer cultivators a trusted place where they can look for to obtain high-quality cannabis seeds. Fortunately, the country has plenty to offer when it comes to cannabis seed banks, making it easy for growers to get their seeds to begin cultivation.

Spain is world-renowned for cannabis growing.