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cannabis seeds legal in germany

Over the ages, various organizers in Berlin had picked up the mark and launched different kinds of displays. From really big with a parade truck and stage to mini demos, everything has already been done.

It happens each year in Berlin since 1997. More than 8,900 people attended the last hemp parade on August 8, 2020.

At the beginning of 2019, an official press release said that 79 bidders had offered tenders for growing medicinal marijuana in the country, with the final agreement as to get an award at some point later in the year.

The Hanfparade (Hemp Parade)

However, the medicinal marijuana market of the country is growing, and domestic therapeutic marijuana should be harvested by 2021.

If you are curious to know about cannabis in the European countries, Germany has a fascinating ground for cannabis with its complicated law and lenient approach. If you are a cannabis connoisseur and wish to buy marijuana seeds in Germany, this is the spot!

Another dig in Wilmersdorf (now part of Berlin) revealed cannabis seeds in a funerary urn, dating back 2,500 years.

Even after they close the case, the charge resides on the offender’s record for many years. Sometimes they even register it on the person’s driving license, too, even if they hadn’t been using marijuana while in a vehicle.

However, in recent years there has been an increase in police charges for possession or use on the public highways. If you are caught using or carrying cannabis on the street you will automatically be charged.

Finally, it is legal to use CBD in Germany. As like other EU countries, the THC concentration of CBD-rich marijuana can never exceed 0.2% to be legal. For this reason, there are many high CBD hemp flowers dispensaries throughout the country.

On the other hand, many patients reflect how complicated it is to get prescriptions for medical marijuana in Germany. Many professionals are skeptical about marijuana treatment and the poor image of marijuana in many sectors of society complicates the situation.

Cannabis fines

Marijuana use in Germany is illegal. However, as in other European Union countries, using Cannabis in small quantities is permitted. Despite the fact that a large part of society is seeking marijuana use and cultivation decriminalisation in Germany, there are still many voices against it.

In today’s article here we will analyse Germany’s marijuana situation through some key points that you can find in the table of contents below.

In Germany it is illegal to consume marijuana. This country has a Federal Narcotics Act which makes marijuana possession punishable by up to five years in prison. However, the use of marijuana in Germany is not a crime and the legal framework in Germany favours people who have been found with a small amount of marijuana can undergo treatment instead of punishment.

In addition, the penalties can be increased to 15 years’ imprisonment depending on a number of aggravating factors. These include supplying large quantities, selling marijuana to minors, using weapons or even belonging to an organized gang.

The legislation is rapidly changing, and with it is the cannabis landscape. However, as we have already alluded to, cannabis seeds in principle are not illegal across Europe. It is actually possible to buy seeds from other countries and have them shipped to your home address.

Germany presents a complicated stance on cannabis seeds. Seeds do not fall under the German Narcotics Act, which therefore makes them legal to buy. However, Germany has prohibited the sale of cannabis seeds countrywide, being the only European nation to have done so.


The above are but a small sample of European countries. We would always recommend reviewing your own nation’s stance on the legality of cannabis seeds and cannabis to ensure you do not attract the attention of law enforcement. As the buyer or owner of said seeds, you are liable for any fines or penalties that may accompany such attention. Generally speaking, the purchase of cannabis seeds as a collector’s item or for purposes other than growing is seen as legal.

To make matters even more confusing, in 1962, the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs formed the framework for legislation worldwide. 180 member states signed the international treaty, which deems cannabis an illegal substance. Cannabis seeds, however, are not. In seed form, they do not possess any narcotic components. International law does take precedence over national law, meaning cannabis seeds are technically legal in all of the member states.

As a direct result, many European countries have seen a distinct increase in the opening of seed shops. Since it is down to law enforcement to prove the purchase of seeds is with the intent to cultivate cannabis, many store owners operate on a thin line between legal and illegal activity.