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cannabis seeds legal in france

In Italy, the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds are legal, as they are THC-free products. As a result, they comply with the consolidated drug regulation law (presidential decree of 9 October 1990 n. 309) and do not violate Italian drug regulations.

Therefore, you should pay a fine, and the judge may charge you for participating in a drug program in your area.


As for cannabis, France takes almost the same restrictive measures as Italy. As a result, those who live in France can sell (subject to authorization) collectable marijuana seeds, but those who buy these products cannot plant and germinate them.

Wondering if you can bring seeds from Amsterdam?

Therefore, they are prohibited from sprouting indoors and outdoors and in greenhouses. These are seeds to collect, and using them to start growing cannabis is illegal. If you grow marijuana in Italy, you make a criminal offence – so you risk jail and a very high financial penalty. And even if you produce minimal quantities for personal use only, you would commit an administrative offence.

Well, trafficking cannabis has a more severe penalty than possessing or consuming. As if you caught trafficking marijuana in France then it might lead you to up to 7.5 million EURO. Yes! You read it right.

Therefore, in 2021, recreational marijuana remains illegal while there is relaxation for medical marijuana enthusiasts. or MSNL is the seed bank that is worldwide popular for its quality seeds. Based in the UK, this seed store ships worldwide. MSNL stocks almost every category of marijuana seed that a grower might look for.

Hemp Culture and People’s Opinion on Marijuana

The France History regarding cannabis stretches back to the 1800s when hashish was more popular. Along with hashish people of France are also known for a rich history of hemp cultivation and its usage in different fields.

Either it is about buying, selling, possessing, or even using, cannabis in France remains illegal in 2021. Therefore, if you are planning a visit to the country for marijuana then you might have to be very aware of the local guidelines.

However, the previous updates in legislation have made harsh penalties for cannabis-related offenses. In that, if you are caught possessing, selling, sharing, using marijuana then you might be charged with a monetary fine of 3,750 EURO. Additionally, some cases have even jail sentences as well.

As neither recreational nor medical marijuana is permitted in France to access publicly. However, there have been some changes in the legislation that you just need to know if you are a marijuana enthusiast in the country.