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cannabis seeds in space

When planted outdoors , it grows incredibly fast and strong: after just a few months you’ll be able to harvest quality buds from this beauty. It’s quite resistant to fungi and pest infestations and can survive the entire summer without any issues. It’s perfect for growing in areas with short summers and you should be able to harvest it easily towards mid-September before the rain starts and temperatures drop at night.

Space by World of Seeds is a fast flowering strain that’s resistant to rot and insect infestations. It takes just 8 weeks to finish flowering, gives high yields and, although it’s an indica plant, it tends to give an active and euphoric effect.

Indoors with around 9 plants per square meter you should be able to fill out your growing room. They tend to grow quite a lot, so you’ll want to top them when they’re about 15cm tall in order to control their height when they begin flowering. If you place more plants per square meter make sure that you don’t let them grow too much before flipping them to flower – 15-20 days should be more than enough. It takes around 8 weeks to finish flowering, yielding enormous amounts of dense and thick, resinous buds. The breeders and WoS tell us that this strain tends to let off quite a pungent aroma, so you’ll need some sort of odor filter in your exhaust duct.

Space Seeds Outdoor Yield

Space by World of Seeds is a poly-hybrid that comes from an AK47 x Black Domina x Mazar combination, three incredibly potent plants. This stable hybrid has a 25/75% sativa/indica ratio. This strain is incredibly balanced, and it’s the perfect strain to use as a mother plant and make clones.

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It has quite a characteristic flavor , intensely sativa; it’s spicy and has hints of wood in its aftertaste. The most demanding smokers will absolutely love this strain, especially when grown using organic nutrients which increases flavor and aroma. It tends to give an active and euphoric effect, typical of tropical strains, which is perfect for smoking during the day. It’s also highly medicinal thanks to its 20% THC and average CBD levels.

Space boasts about a high resistance to pests and mold and requires only 8 weeks of flowering to produce a yield of 450-600g/m². Both the smell and taste of the weed are reminiscent of Afghan hash. Delivers buds with a THC level of 20%. 75% Sativa/25% Indica hybrid sired by mingling the genetics of AK-47, Black Domina and Mazar-I-Sharif.

Einfach eine gute Genetik. Und fette Buds

Space (World of Seeds) feminized

In an indoor grow you can expect a yield in the range of 450-600g/m² – reared outdoors it is possible to obtain and equal amount, but per plant. Both the aroma and flavor of the buds are reminiscent of Afghan hash with a dash of fine hardwood. The ripe buds are studded with a myriad of resin glands and shine out with a THC level of 20%. This weed has the potential to propel your thoughts to unknown heights.

Space is a well-fitting name for this genetic mix of a male AK-47, a male Black Domina and Mazar-I-Sharif. This strain exhibits a high resistance to mold and pests and requires only 8 weeks of flowering to produce a bountiful yield of highly potent weed – fairly quickly for a 75% Sativa/25% Indica hybrid.

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