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cannabis seeds in parrot food

For birds, it helps their cardiovascular system to function highly. The abundant presence of gamma-linoleic acid in marijuana seeds can also help in producing unnecessary types of proteins that cause inflammation.

Birds process chemicals differently, and the amount they have ingested according to their body weight will matter as well. Additionally, the effects of marijuana smoke can be favorable for humans despite the psychoactive impressions it leaves, for birds, it can be extremely uncomfortable and frightening. Although it cannot be fatal, it still provides unfavorable effects more than being disorientated.

Although the usage and cultivation of marijuana are illegal in Great Britain, the distribution of seeds and marijuana seeds itself is not. Hence, they tried to spread the seeds around the country to allow the birds to eat them. Why birds? Well, obviously, birds have the capacity to eat something and spread seeds around the area. With the use of birds, marijuana seeds can be distributed across the country without violating any laws.

Best for the Heart

Despite being completely harmless of marijuana seeds for birds’ consumption, the smoke from marijuana, when combusted, can be very harmful and damaging to their health. However, there is still a minimal amount of researches that provides extensive information about this; the findings have shown that birds are extremely sensitive to marijuana smoke.

According to research, proteins derived from plants are very healthy and can be digested easier compared to proteins derived from animals. Therefore, marijuana seeds are the best source of such nutrients as it is filled with bountiful of proteins. Back in history, where marijuana is not yet
illegal, farmers often nourish their domesticated animals with marijuana seeds.

It may likewise cause coughing, sinus, and infection caused by bacteria among birds if further exposed to marijuana smoke. If these are not addressed accordingly, it could be fatal for your pet birds.

Due to its capacity to provide essential nutrients like protein and Omega Fatty Acid, the marijuana seeds, when consumed, allows the pressure of the blood to lower significantly and may help in preventing a sudden stroke. The ability of marijuana seeds to produce arginine, the blood vessels will able to relax.

Plus, it’s nice to have all your plants with similar care needs in a compact place where you can gather the food without much effort. We’d all starve to death if we had to forage around trying to figure out where the birds pooped.

Seeds in bird’s poop is probably one of the number one ways plants migrate around. For basically what we cultivate as food, it’s not so much the getting the plants to sprout, it’s getting them to grow to the point where they produce food.
Consider the tomato plants in your garden. If they’re not watered daily they’re going to dry up and die.

I have been thinking this might be a good way to spread cannabis all around the world.. make bird feed composed of viable seeds and say peanut butter.. the birds would eat the seeds and fly around and poop out the seeds which a decent percentage would then germinate and sprout.. crack pot idea or possible ?