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cannabis seeds in massachusetts reddit

No dispensaries sell seeds, but I’ve heard of a few grow stores selling them.

You'll get to select your own genetics preference- chose whether you want them feminized or not- as well as receiving 'freebie' seeds with an order.

anyone know why no dispensaries sell seeds?

Ya know I would but they won't process my cc it keeps saying declined and my bank plays stupid, what would you suggest a money order? Right now I follow a guy on youtube named Jay Kitchen and he sells genetics through his website if you contact him, the seeds are not on the website but when you contact him he will send you a seed list, you then place your order and he sends you a link to his website where its an onshore cc transaction which seems to be the huge problem for me, all these other seed companies are off shore or their paywall is. I want to use my CC, I really dont want to send money orders or especially any cash. Jays seeds are from Blimburn Seeds mostly. They run about 5-6 bucks a bean and you can order 5 at a time and get out the door for under 40 bucks.

I like using Nirvanashop (just google it, should be first result) but there's also plenty of others that work well.

Can someone fill me in on legality of purchasing seeds in MA, or where I can get them legally?

Totally legal to buy seeds, and grow 6 plants if it's just you, 12 if theres another individual over 21 who shares the address. Dcseedexchange is great resource for seeds.

I've used and recently did a bitcoin order with

I am looking to start growing my own medicine and this is a first step.

Edit: oops didnt see the word “seed” in your question for some reason lmao forget my reply