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cannabis seeds in china

The Quality of Cannabis in China
The cannabis quality is low in China, and the prices reflect that. African dealers make up much of Beijing. Some will say that their weed comes from overseas, but this is not true. The African-weed from here is terrible, and rare-sources from the non-African dealers are usually better. Neither are from overseas, but it is normally better. Good connections yield good bud, but it comes at a higher price. However, hash is preferred here, and the weed found is not worth the high price.

Cannabis in China
Smoking in public used to be okay, but as Beijing becomes internationalized, the laws are changing so be careful. A recent report, however, said that Beijing laws do not enforce these laws for foreigners. The police usually turn their backs when they see westerners doing something mildly illegal, such as buying hashish.

Because the cannabis industry is big in China, cannabis cultivation is legal. Legislature considers hash illegal to sell, but legal to possess. However, the cops do not always follow the laws, so you could still be bothered by the police.

The Price of Cannabis in China
Foreigners will have an easy time purchasing hash in Beijing, but pot is also available on occasion. The Sanlitun bar area or the area in front of the KFC west of Sanlitun Bar Street has West African men who hang around the area. People could also visit the bar street in Nu Ren Jie to score pot or hashish. Some street vendors sell pipes and rolling papers and say Hash. Most likely, the dealer will have a small amount. You can pay around $25 for one-and-a-half to two grams. People are friendly and better deals can be haggled. Dealers hang around the hot spots of Beijing, and one report says buying hash is probably one of the easiest things to do next to buying fake DVDs.

Weed is slowly disappearing from Beijing, so it is becoming more expensive to purchase. Weed can be bought for around RMB 100-150/gram($18-$25). Persistence and searching the hot spots will score some weed easily.

Cannabis Strains from China
The China White Marijuana strain has been bred with Nepalese and Chinese indica strains. China White has been properly named because it is coated with tri-chromes, and it looks like small chunks of snow from farther away. China White buds are exceptionally dense and big for an indica plant. This plant carries extraordinary medicinal properties, and it can help those suffering from anorexia, chronic pain, gastritis and insomnia. When people cultivate it, China White flowers 54 to 63 days when cultivated indoors.

While recent laws protect the city from the hard drugs, the pot smoking scene continues relaxed and somewhat legal in Beijing. Nevertheless, every once in a while you hear about police arresting someone.

When you see marijuana in the Chinese media, it means to watch your back because the government has decided to crackdown. Heroin and marijuana were classified in the same category, and an arrest could mean deportation or prison time.

China Yunnan from ACE Seeds is a mostly indica cannabis strain coming from south China, producing very resinous buds with complex aroma and a positive, relaxing effect. Get it now at Alchimia Grow Shop.

According to ACE Seeds, the China Yunnan cannabis variety could come from the meeting of classic indica lines and south indian sativas, from which we will notice a characteristic woody smell and a happy high effect. Its columnar structure, – ideal for Sea of Green growing techniques – its large leaves and relaxing effect are all reminiscent of the hashish plants from the Indica family.

ACE Seeds recommends to keep the temperatures up to 25ºC in the vegetative stage and first month of blooming, then around 20°C for the last month, in order to give this Chinese landrace the perfect conditions to fully bloom. Outdoors, China Yunnan enjoys warm and dry climates, thus offering, for example, very good results in southern Spain.

This pure strain is perfect to make homemade cannabis hybrids, to reduce sativa’s flowering time, increase its yield and get some sweet and woody tones to organoleptic profile.

China Yunnan adapts very well to indoor cannabis growing , developing a unique main cola when the vegetative period is short. Grown outdoors; it produces branches more easily, but being compact thanks to its short internodal distance.