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cannabis seeds hidden in lego box overseas

Gush Mints electrifies and colorizes the minty strain craze. It takes Kush Mints and crosses it with the fabled F1 Durban and Gushers. The result is, “creamy gas and kushy candy terps,” said Rosen.

See also: Savage Genetics’ Cheetoz (Cheetah Piss x Runtz); I Love Growing Marijuana’s Purple mixpack; Wave Rider’s cross of Wedding Cake Zkittlez x Modified Grapes.

Cookies and Cakes, MAC and nuts

North America’s weed gardeners, big and small, have begun their annual run on marijuana seed stores. From California to Maine, ganja growers are racing to stock up for the spring thaw and planting season.

Grandmas Hashplant (Irene x 88G13/HP)

“It’s a lot of newer growers that are afraid of males and they want to get something that won’t have male seeds,” he said. “People don’t like the experience of having to throw away plants that they don’t want.”

If your order does not arrive, for whatever reason, we will ship your seeds again. For FREE! It’s only fair.

Popular Victory Seeds cannabis seed varieties include Blow Dream, AK-77V, Biggest Bud, and Parmesan. Seed City is very proud to offer the whole range of Victory Seeds for the lowest prices online!

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Medical Marijuana

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The Dream Berry was born from the encounter between the hugely popular Blue Dream and the Blueberry Cheesecake variety from Female Seeds, giving Sativa-leaning plants that are easy to grow and fast to flower.

What does delivery guarantee mean? – Weedseedsexpress offers their customers a delivery guarantee which means that we provide a one time free re-shipment after 21 business days in case your products didn’t arrive. We can only provide this free replacement of your order with Track and Trace. The Track and Trace is necessary for both you and Weedseedsexpress to have proof of shipment and to easily track the location of the order.

Victory Seeds are an upcoming cannabis seeds bank from the Netherlands. Victory Seeds pride themselves on offering the most reliable and potent marijuana strains on the market. By expertly selecting their cannabis plants, Victory Seeds are highly suited for medicinal marijuana use and offer the highest customer satisfaction. Victory Seeds focuses on taking popular and award-winning genetics and improving on them by increasing THC and CBD levels or by making adjustments in their aroma, taste or potency. All of the seeds Victory Seeds produce are made from only natural organic nutrients and insecticides.

Going straight proved to be more difficult than I ever imagined and after 6 months we decided to leave the country. I had always wanted to go to Japan and so we bought tickets but at the last minute my fiancé decided that this new adventure was a bit too far for her to handle so she boarded one plane and I boarded another.

TL:DR – Got engaged, left a gang and fled the country. Engagement crashed along with employment and so I sold drugs rather than come home. Got caught, got deported. AMA

The official length of time I’m banned from returning to Japan is “long time” but I hope to be able to return one day far off in the future.

I started growing top quality weed and selling it in Tokyo and a few other cities to other foreigners who were looking for a little taste of home. After a few years I decided the risk vs. reward was too little and tried to grow a lot more outdoors over the summer which eventually led to my arrest, imprisonment and deportation.

I spent the first year teaching English and travelling around the country but after the Nova English school chain crashed and flooded the market, jobs became few and far between. Old habits die hard and instead of returning and settling down I decided to tough it out and create my own business.