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cannabis seeds from jamaica

There is no site on planet earth more iconically connected with cannabis than Jamaica. For many people, it is one of the most incredible things they think of when imagining the nation along with reggae, Rastafarianism, Bob Marley, and Usain Bolt. Along with these, Ganja is a trendy name in Jamaica. If you have come for a visit and want to buy weed seeds in Jamaica, you’ve come to the right place!

To do so legally, patients must get certification from a certified medical practitioner, verifying that they are suffering from the ailment. The practitioner must also exceedingly prescribe the use of medicinal marijuana for them, and all imports must comply with laws.

Ganja in the Jamaican History

People export cannabis that they have cultivated to other Caribbean countries to exchange firearms and other illegal substances.

People grow nearly two dozen distinguished Jamaican-grown Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains of the herb on their own farms for therapeutic and medicinal objectives.

The doctor’s clinics, Amsterdam-style coffee shops, and hipster boutiques are currently the only areas where tourists to Jamaica can legitimately buy cannabis products.

Jamaican Pearl Regular is a sweet, potent outdoor sativa that cuts a fine figure even at northern latitudes – a true innovation in cannabis cultivation. It’s loved not just for its tropical flavour, but also for the mood-enhancing high that’s so popular with sativa fans. And you don’t need to be an expert to get a lush yield of beautiful resinous buds with this strain.

Starting with Marley’s Collie, we found the perfect pollen donor in our Early Pearl. It produces fast-flowering and tough offspring, and as a tropical sativa male, it dilutes neither the tropical flavour nor the cerebral, energetic high.

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Our tests generate uniform, strong plants with fast growing behaviour and the desired combination of taste, effect and weight. Jamaican Pearl cannabis seeds produce tall plants that can reach up to 300 cm outside. The flowering phase lasts between 50 and 75 days, producing plentiful large, shaggy buds.

This strain of course also thrives indoors under artificial light. The ceiling of the growing room must be high enough, however. A Screen of Green (SCROG) may also help. Good results can also be achieved with special pruning methods such as Supercropping and Lollipopping.

Jamaican Pearl Regular growth pattern

Jamaican Dream Auto is often used as a medical strain to help patients with pain and seizures. The happy vibe of this hybrid can also benefit users with depression and mood swings.

Instead of spending an entire paycheck on a trip to Jamaica, why not buy Jamaican Dream Autoflowering marijuana seeds? We can almost guarantee that the experience is the same. Think about the overall vibe of Jamaica — fun, energetic, colorful — not to mention the smell of fresh fruit in the air. The Jamaican Dream Auto marijuana strain is like a stimulating vacation for the mind and body. This sativa-dominant hybrid (90/10) can increase creativity, energy, and euphoria.


The mind feels happy and creative under the influence of Jamaican Dream. You may find yourself motivated to get outside and go for a walk, or socialize with friends, or start a new artistic project. With THC levels around 15-18%, you can expect the psychoactive effects to take place almost immediately. You may notice a boost in cognitive function that leaves you with elevated focus and concentration. Once the cerebral buzz wears off, the mind and body will enter a state of relaxation.

Jamaican Dream Autoflowering marijuana plants grow similar to a mini Christmas tree. These plants typically flower between 45 – 55 days and fill the air with delicious tropical fruits, such as mango and pineapple. Jamaican Dream Auto is often used as a medical strain to help patients with pain and seizures. The happy vibe of this hybrid can also benefit users with depression and mood swings.