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cannabis seeds for vintage

Hey everyone! This summer is expected to be especially brutal. We have already reached temperatures over 120. Lots of people here have swamp coolers but in triple digit temperatures they are absolutely useless. One of our vets was sitting in his house just this past week and it was 99° inside and 124 outside. He, and quite a few others can’t afford an air conditioner.

Plus a 12 pack of trash weed!

5 new strains 40+ seeds per strain

To help alleviate this problem, we are going to offer a really great package!

All this and of course slaps, pins, buttons, papers. Whatever extra freebies can throw in, for a donation $125 shipped free first class mail (without tracking) or a donation of $135 shipped priority (with tracking) Guaranteed to ship within 48 hours!

While some cannabis cultivators grow plants from cuttings or clones, this method is time-consuming and costly. It’s cheaper and easier to grow pot from seeds, especially when you buy them from us. We will send your order straight to your home, and we will do it safely, quickly, and discreetly.

These old school strains weren’t prized for their potency, but for their unique flavors and effects. As these strains spread far and wide, hybrids were created intentionally and inadvertently. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few classics that have given rise to the hybrid strains we all enjoy today.

After planting, the first stalks will sprout and start to grow their first leaves. Depending on the strain you’ve selected, it may take two or three weeks for these leaves to emerge. Sprouting time also depends on lighting quality, soil type, and the amount of air and water the seedlings get.

Sugar Black Rose Fem

Though most of our buyers simply call them “classic seeds”, they do sometimes go by other names. The most common misspellings and abbreviations include:

Eternally mysterious, but its potency will surely answer all of life’s questions.

This strain is rated 10/10 for taste, growth traits, and tension-relief.

Once your seeds grow into plants, they can be trained for better shaping and bigger yields. The tips below will help you become a more efficient cannabis gardener.