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cannabis seeds for sale in newcastle

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The Vault is on a never-ending voyage to scour the earth for promising new breeders – and hunt down rare and precious seeds from mythical breeders that have since passed into legend.


The main reason it is and it will probably stay that way in the foreseeable future is the signing of a treaty, following the Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1962. This important international treaty – which as such takes precedence over national law – determines that marijuana is illegal, but not its seeds. The 180 countries (including the UK) that signed the treaty, committed themselves to a definition of narcotics that does not include cannabis seeds.

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Want to find rare, obscure or emerging new genetics?

Newcastle Skunk is the latest offering from Geordie Seeds. This strain was born and bred in Newcastle, the North East of England. It is very Skunky and very fruity with a whopping 24% THC. Newcastle Cannabis Seeds

High wise Newcastle Skunk is very euphoric and stimulating. It is advised for people with an active lifestyle as it provides a crisp clean high that is energetic and happy. THC levels are around 24% and CBD levels are very low around 0.2%.

How does Newcastle Skunk grow?

Newcastle Skunk was bred in Newcastle so is highly adapted to colder climates and wetter weather. Initial testing shows this strain can be grown Indoor and Outdoors. It has high resistance to mould and diseases as-well as being very strong and stable, to with stand harsh winds. Indoors yield can be as high as 800 grams per square metre. Outdoor Yields are reported as up to 1000 grams per plant. Please be aware this strain will grow a lot taller outdoors. Supercropping and topping are both advised to help Newcastle Skunk reach its potential.

Newcastle Skunk is a mostly Sativa dominant hybrid that yields an impressive 600 – 800 grams per metre square. Although it is Sativa dominant (70% Sativa) it does not reach great heights. It’s maximum height should be no more that 1.3 metres tall. The flowering time is a very manageable 9 weeks, however if you want knock out smoke with insane bag appeal allow an extra few weeks. You wont be disappointed this Skunk strain packs on the weight from week 4 and crystals are very quickly visible. The end product is very crystally and dripping in resin. Buds are firm and heavy with rounded tops and the bud to leaf ratio is excellent. Very little leaf as the buds are so big and bulging.

Newcastle Skunk wasn’t yet complete, it needed a little spice and flavour instead of outright Skunk. Jack Herer ended up being the obvious choice. It added a peppery undertone that when smoked tasted very fruity and fresh. Geordie Seeds described it as “a lung full of Fruity Skunk”. Back-crossing complete, these F5 Feminised Cannabis Seeds are ready for the market.