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cannabis seeds for sale in arizona

The “king of all hybrids”, Royal Kush marijuana seeds boast an impressive lineage, but even beginner gardeners will find success in cultivating this moderate-yielding, high-THC plants.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about Arizona’s medical marijuana laws – at least as far as we’re concerned – is that they include some grow-your-own rules. True, a person must be no closer to a dispensary than 25 miles to be allowed to plant cannabis seeds and grow their own marijuana plants, but it’s something!

Lemon Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

As of 2019, medical marijuana is legal in the state of Arizona. So, if you think you have a medical condition that can be benefited somehow through regular marijuana use, speak to your doctor about it. Don’t be shy, no one’s going to judge you for getting help. We need to listen to our bodies more and stay in tune with what’s going on inside. We’re always “go, go, go” that we rarely take the time to slow down.

Welcome to Pacific Seed Bank, how may we help you? If you’re eager to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona, we might just be your need favorite outlet. Our growing base of customers and shoppers love us because we deliver marijuana seeds straight to your door in a timely fashion. There’s hardly a waiting process, the online shopping experience is enjoyable, and the only thing we ask of you is to spread the good word of Pacific Seed Bank. That way, hopefully, the marijuana laws in Arizona will loosen up a little bit.

We also want only the best for you in your cannabis gardening adventure. That’s why we offer a 90% germination guarantee that protects your investment in your holistic medicinal future. Simply follow our straightforward Germination Guide, and you’ll have sprouted Arizona cannabis seeds ready for planting in no time flat. But, if there happens to be something wrong with one of your seeds (such is nature), just let us know! We’ll replace that seed for you – yep, just ship a new one right to your door!

Those who cannot purchase seeds to grow for medical use may still want to purchase marijuana seeds. They will be able to purchase them through the same seed bank but will not be able to cultivate them once they arrive. Instead, they can add them to a collection and save the seeds until they are able to grow them legally. Seeds purchased for a collection are the same as seeds purchased to grow, but since the intention is different, they are considered souvenir seeds. They are legal to own by anyone as long as they are not germinated.

No matter if you’re buying seeds for medical use or as souvenir seeds, you’ll want to purchase from the right seed bank. We offer a huge selection, expert assistance through our support team, as well as discreet and fast shipping to ensure you get the seeds as fast as possible. We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for you to find the seeds you want and to helping ensure you are happy with your purchase.

Can You Legally Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Arizona?

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Arizona is no baby where history is concerned, but we are excited to watch her learn and grow in the ways of weed. The Cannabis Expo in Phoenix each year is just one of the many new ways for Arizonians to familiarize themselves with just how beneficial this power plant can be, medicinally, recreationally, and financially. Since this gorgeous state is new to recreational marijuana freedom, there will be some learning curves to be navigated and we at Weed Seeds USA are happy to assist all residents who Buy 420 Seeds Online to get the most out of their ganja gardens and to excise some of the etiquette learned through hard knocks in other states.

Because of Arizona’s diverse geography, the climate here is just as varied. On the desert plains and plateaus, temperatures as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit and lows nearly as extreme have been reported. For the most part, Arizona has relatively hot, dry summers and mild winters. Arizona has a dry season and a monsoon season, respectively, and, though this can seem like a downer to gardeners, this climate is wonderful for growing weed from seed. The weather is not too hot, not too cold, and with low humidity, it is very pleasant. August in Arizona sees a major bump in airborne water-vapor. This can be a bit of a blessing to outdoor cannabis cultivators because high UV penetration mixed with just a drop of humidity make for some very potent THC and resin levels.

Arizona is not all history, rocks, and good weather though. Home to some of the most talented professional sports organizations in the U.S., this great state has plenty of arena-based activities to enjoy your herb with. Boasting incredible numbers of secondary, post-secondary, and specialized education systems, as well as dozens of both public and private universities and colleges, this desert state is also no slouch where smarts are measured. Included in the nearly endless array of studies being conducted around Arizona are those on marijuana, THC, CBD, and the psychoactive benefits intrinsic to this lovely leaf. These programs include but are certainly not limited to, the University of Arizona’s Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium and Arizona State University’s will-pay proposal.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Arizona?

Also of note is the Barringer Meteorite Crater or Meteor Crater as it is better known. This 50,000-year-old structure sits in the high plains of the Colorado Plateau. It is nearly a mile wide and 570 feet deep, with its crumbled rock ridge rising over 150 feet above the desert plains. It boasts mountains, plateaus, deserts, and canyons and it may surprise some to learn that the canyon state is approximately 27% forested and home to the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine. The needles of this incredibly hardy species have been used to make baskets, mats, and adornments since prehistoric times. Visitors flock to these world-famous sites by the thousands each year and you better believe that the perfect joint makes the scenery that much more breathtaking.

One of the seat holders of the Four Corners Monument, the only place in America where four states come together, Arizona is also famous for its exquisite geography. Grand Canyon National Park, pioneered into being the first National Park in America, by Theodore Roosevelt himself, is considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Stretching for more than 250 miles and up to 18 miles wide in some places, the Grand Canyon is one of only a couple of natural geological formations that can be viewed from space. The other magnificent formation is the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s Queensland coast. It is the world’s largest coral reef system and viewing it from a distance you can see why. The same can be said about the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River has carved this canyon out over millions of years, exposing nearly 2 billion years of our planet’s evolution. To view this awe-inspiring landmark, layered with bands of colorful rock, makes one pause and reflect upon the millions of years of geologic history that have created its imposing peaks, buttes, gorges, and ravines.

There was a time in America when farmers would get fined if they didn’t grow marijuana for the country. Though we went in the opposite direction for a long time, farmers are finally getting this freedom back, little by little, and Arizona is one of the many states in support of the basic right to grow our own cannabis!

Historically, the Canyon state has been home to many native tribes, including the Hohokam, Mogollon. The art of the Puebloans can be spied on the rock walls of their ancient cliffside dwellings and attracts thousands of archaeology enthused tourists each year. More recently, the Navajo, recognized as Arizona’s foremost indigenous tribe, with over 300,000 registered citizens, is the largest tribe in America. There are many museums, visitor centers, and places of homage dedicated to the rich tapestry which makes up Arizona’s indigenous history. Among them is the Arizona Capitol Museum in Phoenix, the Montezuma Castle National Monument in Camp Verde, and the Navajo Nation Museum at Window Rock.