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cannabis seeds for sale glasgow

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

Our customers come from all over the UK including many from Glasgow and across Scotland that buy our number 1 selling Stardawg seeds. If you live Glasgow and are looking to buy Stardawg Seeds in you will struggle to find them as most seedbanks only stock the autoflower version which is simply not the same. Kandy Seeds UK sell the Feminized Version that you are no doubt looking for. If you live in Glasgow and want to buy high quality Stardawg cannabis seeds take a look at our original Stardawg seeds now.

Our seeds are produced in our facility in Spain by a team of experts with over 100 years cannabis cultivation experience between them. Collectively during the last 8 years they have produced some of the best strains of cannabis available.

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But let’s back to present, you want to buy weed seeds for souvenir or for your angry hungry bird, you can either buy online in a serious shop like us, or you can get it in some headshops. You can find this kind of store in every cities like Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Paisley, East Kilbride, Livingston or Hamilton.

I am sure you already know it but cannabis seeds are legal to buy in Scotland. Of course like in England, theses seeds are for souvenirs or Bird food only and it’s forbidden and illegal to germinate those and growing cannabis too. But who knows? maybe one day growing cannabis will be legal in Scotland. Let’s face it, Scotland will never have, except with a huge global warming, the best climate to grow marijuana outdoor. The Scotisch grower will have to look a bit more into Indica strains and autoflowering seeds.

Our beans are super fresh, because we have a lot of customers and the stock is frequently renewed. Our prices are super competitive. You buy your seeds in Euros, so you save money because the UK Pound is very strong. We are working with the best seed companies like Dinafem, World of Seeds, Delicious Seeds or Sensi Seeds. We do have already a lot of customers in Scotland in cities like Kilmarnock, Greenock, Glasgow, Irvine, Perth or St Andrews. The delivery is quite fast and super discreet, our cannabis seeds are sent from either Athlone in Ireland or Birmingham in Uk, it depend of the stock.

Why buy your seeds with us ?

If you’re determined to try your hand at growing cannabis seeds in Glasgow outdoors your best bet would be autoflowering strains or mould-resistant, hardy, and fast-growing photoperiod strains.

If you buy seeds over the internet you can enjoy the convenience of having them delivered right to your Glasgow front door, and when you choose Herbies Seeds, you’ll even be able to use your credit card to make your discreet purchase without any difficulties. Even better, we stock an impressive range of strains from some of the world’s top seed banks – far more than you could find in any high street head shop – so it makes sense to come to us for all your cannabis seeds in Glasgow needs!

Maxi Haze from Grass-o-Matic

Another super-simple to grow strain with plenty of potency, this autoflowering variety is a top choice for Glasgow growers. Offering high yields and the ability to thrive outdoors in Scotland’s less-than-balmy weather, it’s an ideal option for guerrilla growing or for your own secure garden.

If you’re eager to find cannabis seeds in Glasgow on sale you might find it harder than you imagined to purchase them over the counter in a physical store. Although it’s completely legal to purchase marijuana seeds in Scotland (as long as you don’t cultivate them), they aren’t always easy to get your hands on in person.

There are a few physical stores in the Glasgow area where you can get your hands on weed seeds in person. However, many people who want to buy cannabis seeds would prefer to do so in a more anonymous way and this makes purchasing online a better option.