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cannabis seeds for sale barneys farm

Barneys Farm Chronic Thunder: Exactly what the doctor ordered, Dr Chronic that is, mixed with Alaskan Thunder to provide this hybrid that is Indica dominant, with short flowering times and vigorous hardy growth, this strain provides the best of both worlds with a subtle cinnamon flavor that is sure to pack a million watts thanks to its high high CBD low THC ratio, assuring physical relaxation and comfortable buzz. In eight and a half weeks, you will be able to get a plant that grows over a meter tall indoors but responds very well to low stress techniques and SCROG. Barneys Farm Chronic Thunder seeds are a great addition to the collection of those people interested in a hardy plant for extreme conditions or any indoor setup. You can buy Barneys Farm Chronic Thunder marijuana seeds

Barney’s Farm seeds keeps on evolving and improving their strains, constantly releasing new genetics. The highlight this year is for their Peyote line of genetics that includes Peyote Purple seeds and Peyote Cookies seeds, as well as a special edition release of Peyote Amnesia seed and Peyote Critical seeds Limited Edition, available with select distributors for a limited release, once stocks are depleted that’s all folks;

With such a status comes recognition and it is no surprise that Barney’s Farm has been awarded more than 21 cups from different organizations, amongst those are the coveted High Times Cannabis Cup and the Amsterdam Unity Cup, making Barneys Farm seeds Cannabis Cup Winners even more prized and valuable.

Barney’s Farm Seeds – Special Strains

Barneys Farm Red Dragon: We won’t necessarily say that this is the strain that Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons smokes, but it comes really close. The mix of an Afghan Kush and a Brazilian Haze make this hybrid pack quite a punch when it comes to the ratio of THC and CBD. The high is quick and to the head like a true dragon spitting flames and the body effect will leave you stuck to your seat, ideal to enjoy a long and epic series or for medicinal relief while calming the mind. Barneys Farm Red Dragon seeds’ red and green colas have an amazing ruby guava flavor reminiscent of the Amazonian jungles it originated and will definitely bring a tropical breeze to even the coldest winters when grown indoors. Click here to buy Barneys Farm Red Dragon weed seeds

Barneys Farm 8 Ball Kush: Afghanistan and Pakistan are not really places that have been giving good news up until recently, thanks to the cross between genetics, 8 Ball Kush marijuana seeds are a hit with seasoned growers looking for densely packed crystals which are high in THC and CBD content to have the best smoke and to make the best hash. This classic Kush is great for low stress and SCROG growth techniques and is very hardy. The middle-eastern inspired spiced flavor will carry your head on a trip through 1001 Arabian nights, while the high CBD content keeps you glued to your seat. Click here to buy Barneys Farm 8 Ball Kush cannabis seeds

Barneys Farm seeds also has some of the best Auto Flowering cannabis seeds in the market, with cult classics under their belt such as Barneys Farm Pineapple Express seeds, Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Auto seeds and Barneys Farm NYC Diesel Auto seeds, just to name a few. The genetic stability and high germination rate of Barneys Farm weed seeds are second to none and their strains are great for beginners as well as seasoned growers.

While in Amsterdam, Barney’s was always full of visitors from all around the world eager to try his ‘new and exciting’ strains, so Barney’s Farm was born from these legendary strains and soon after, the demand for Barney’s Farm genetics would reach every corner of the world, all 66 strains and counting.

Barney’s Farm have never shied away from the spotlight. They shoot videos and give interviews. They put their cool and instantly recognizable logo on a whole range of apparel and merchandise. Barney’s booth is prominent at every international event. And they have every right to take center stage – because of the unparalleled quality of their product.

First, it was the tourists who tested Barney’s product in Amsterdam coffeeshops and made their friends green with envy by telling the legends about the incredibly potent and tasty Holland weed. Then, thanks to their seeds being shipped internationally, people all over the globe got the chance to recreate this jaw-dropping experience in their own homes and backyards. And this is what Barney’s Farm does – it brings the world’s best genetics right to your doorstep.

And these are only the legends, and, frankly, they are not the ones that dominate the company’s best-selling lists right now. There, you’re more likely to see more fashionable Cookies and Glookies, OGs, Gelatos, and Sherbets, and, of course, the breeders tirelessly work on the development and betterment of their autoflowers (as can be seen in their Coming Soon section where autos rule supreme). So, whether you’re a collector of classics or a hunter for novelties, Barneys Farm should probably be your first choice.

Barney’s Farm’s Fame And Success

In the Barney’s catalog, there are so many titles that are on the bucket list of any cannabis enthusiast. Who wouldn’t want to smoke the awe-inspiring Dr. Grinspoon, Derry’s favorite strain, that offers that unsurpassed 100% pure sativa euphoria? And who would say ‘no’ to growing more tame, but also more forgiving hybrids like Liberty Haze, G13 Haze, or Laughing Buddha? And what about LSD that is exactly what its name promises – a body-melting and mind-bending miracle? Besides these, there are also many celebrated Cannabis Cup champions that everyone would want to experience firsthand: Amnesia Haze, Night Shade, Morning Glory, Tangerine Dream, Crimea Blue… The list goes on and on.

Barney’s Farm is one of the most acclaimed seed banks in the world. It offers a plethora of award-winning and best selling strains that everyone seems to have tried and loved. Countless reviews and grow journals all attest to superb quality of Barney’s classics like Pineapple Chunk and Blue Cheese, or trending new offers like Purple Punch and Gorilla Zkittlez.

The story of Barney’s Farm goes back to the late 1980s when the future founder of the seed bank, named Derry, worked with his friends in a rural mountain region in India where they cross-bred weed strains collected all over Asia and Middle East. In 1992 he decided to test his luck in the Netherlands, where he opened coffee shops and started selling feminised seeds, and quickly established himself as one of the leaders of the nascent industry. Thus, Barney’s Farm was among those businesses that shaped the cannabis scene as we know it today, and the brand became practically synonymous with those outsized rewards that you can reap cultivating marijuana.

At Barney’s Farm, something’s always cooking. They have long turned into a very sophisticated business that relies heavily on science, with their state-of-the-art labs and highly qualified technicians. However, the original joy of the their younger days is still there. These guys love marijuana, and when they manage to create new flavors (like in Peyote Cookies), or new interesting effects, or take the yields to unprecedented levels (as is the case with Critical Kush), their excitement is simply contagious. No wonder people love buying and growing their strains, and judge them so highly at Cannabis Cups, turning Barney’s Farm into an award-grabbing machine. At one time, this seed bank all but dominated events in Amsterdam, destroying the morale of the competition whenever they introduced their strains. The days of HTTC in Amsterdam are over, but Barney’s are more than alive, and keep introducing their new larger-than-life creations.

In seed orders that total more than €80‚ paid by credit card, will qualify for FREE SHIPPING

All feminized seeds available in Barney’s Farm catalogue are of such high quality that have received countless positive reviews as well as the recognition of experienced and inexperienced breeders worldwide. This is the result of years and years of continuous improvement and innovation, where the team has never stopped looking for unique genetics.

The team of Barney’s Farm has never stopped experimenting with selected marijuana strains because it has always been their intention to keep on innovating and exploring the endless possibilities feminised genetics can offer.

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We invite you all to visit the section of feminised seeds in Barney’s Farm catalogue, where you will come to discover numerous strains with really attractive properties and special characteristics.

We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

Some of the most widely known feminized cannabis seeds of Barney’s Farm are Vanilla Kush and Pineapple Chunk. They are all stable strains with really intense and special organoleptic properties that are a must in everyone’s garden.

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