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What do we use to pay at GWE? I (Nebula) personally use a regular credit card every time I order cannabis seeds online. I’ve also used a debit card, too.

If you’re trying to figure out which cannabis seed banks deliver to the USA or another specific part of the world, you can find those answers in the list on this page!

Debit or Credit Cards

Before anyone can start growing marijuana they have to first get their hands on marijuana seeds or clones.

Although this has never happened to me personally, when placing an order sometimes a card won’t go through because the overseas transaction has been flagged as suspicious because you don’t typically order things from overseas on that card. If that happens to you, you may need to call your bank to let them know you approve of the order. From what I’ve heard from growers in our growing forum, this seems to be a relatively quick and easy process. You could also always take your card and try somewhere else. It seems like this only happens with certain card and seed company combinations, and sometimes trying another company with the same card will work immediately without contacting your bank.

Greenpoint also provides discrete billing and shipping options to ensure your packages make it to their destination every time. Our customer service representatives are always eager to help if any questions or concerns arise.

You can buy cannabis seeds online from the best cannabis seed bank in the USA—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Being the best cannabis seed bank in the USA is no easy feat. Being the best at anything requires a lot of time and hard work. At Greenpoint Seeds, we have accomplished the title of best cannabis seed bank by offering premium cannabis seeds at affordable prices, and top-notch customer support. With our Member Levels program, Greenpoint Seeds members can earn additional discounts whenever they buy seeds. The more seeds you buy, the more you will save. No other seed bank does that. Additionally, Greenpoint Seeds frequently offers promotional sales, in which shoppers can save even more on our wide selection of cannabis seeds.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Greenpoint Seeds knows how important your cannabis grow is, and we want to help you be as successful as possible. Place your order today and get growing with some of the world’s most elite genetics.

Ordering cannabis seeds from an online seed bank is surprisingly easy and secure. If you’re thinking of starting to grow your own marijuana or are simply looking for a new bank to try, any of our top 3 seed banks that ship to the USA would be a great choice. If you’re just getting started, you may even want to try ordering from a couple of different places so you can try different strains. However, many growers quickly end up with a favorite reputable seed bank they always come back to.

More About MSNL

Whether it’s legal to buy and grow your own cannabis seeds is a complicated question. Technically, marijuana is an illegal drug in the United States, meaning that according to federal law, it is illegal to buy or grow cannabis seeds. However, in practice, state law determines whether you can cultivate your own weed. States such as California, Alaska, Colorado, and Massachusetts allow people to legally cultivate their own marijuana for recreational use.

Why Are Most of the Top Seed Banks International?

Whether you’re concerned about customs or are worried about keeping your growing practices private, there are steps you can take to keep your seed orders discreet.

So what happens if customs confiscates your seed shipment? Will you get in trouble? The answer is: probably not. If your seeds are confiscated, you’ll receive a package with an official letter notifying you of the confiscation instead of the seeds. You shouldn’t expect to face any additional repercussions.

MSNL is famous for its stealth shipping option. This will cost you a little extra (£10.95, which comes out to about $15), but for many people, it’s well worth it. They’ll package the seeds inside an unrelated item, guaranteed to fool any nosey parents, roommates, or coworkers.