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cannabis seeds feminized indoor

Although all cannabis strains can be cultivated in an indoor setting, some seeds are specifically meant to be cultivated in an indoor environment. Indoor cannabis seeds are sensitive to change in the climate and prefer to be in a controlled room.

Suppose you want to grow indoor marijuana from the indoor seeds, you will need:

Pros of Indoor Seeds

Legend OG is an Indica dominant strain with a woody and floral aroma. Although this strain does not have a well-documented origin, Legend OG was created by Swamp Boys Seeds. This is a high THC strain with THC ranging between 20 to 25%. It grows tall and is ideal for average growers and produces moderate yields.

When growing indoor marijuana seeds, you can use either soil or hydroponics as the growing medium. Soil is the most straightforward growing medium used by most cannabis growers, especially beginners. You can either buy the soil mix or create your own.

Chocolate Thai is a pretty tricky indoor weed seed to cultivate, and they are best left for expert growers who have the patience of waiting out their long flowering period and low yield. Suppose you are in a cold climate, it’s best to cultivate this weed seed indoors because it thrives in a warm and dry environment.

*THC: Over 20% in good conditions.
*Bloom time: Up to 11 weeks or so, though some phenotypes are ready as early as 9 weeks.

Power Plant took 1st Prize (Sativa category) at the Lift Expo, Canada 2016

Outlaw Amnesia, nothing beats the Amnesia Haze high!

With the perfect combination of XXL yields and an unusually powerful high, The Ultimate has made it into Dutch Passion’s acclaimed category of Very High THC seeds.

Those that prefer autoflowering seeds may prefer to grow some Auto Desfrán seeds. These sativa autoflower seeds have a long life cycle of 12-15 weeks, but also deliver XXL yields.

Lovers of autoflowering seeds should consider growing Auto Ultimate. This uses the same XXL yielding genetics in an autoflowering seed form. Note that Auto Ultimate can take 12-15 weeks to grow from seed to harvest with 20 hours of indoor light. The unusually long autoflower growth cycle is required to allow the XXL yields to be fully achieved.