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cannabis seeds fast delivery

Apart from that, Crop King Seeds support various payment options such as Money Orders, Visa, Cash & Money Transfers, Bitcoin, and Mastercard.

There are some common observations that you can make to see if a specific marijuana seed bank is reliable or not.

#6 – Seedsman Reviews – Experienced and reliable online seed bank

But don’t you think this process is a little costly and time-consuming?

Well, you are at the right place!

Thousands of seed banks compete to make their reputation solid and reliable among cannabis users. But do they all succeed? Are they as trustworthy as they claim? And most importantly, do they provide high-quality cannabis seeds that properly get germinated with ample yield?

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Sativa plants are tall plants that have pointed leaves and long branches. These plants grow quite tall, often reaching over 15 feet. Native to subtropical and tropical climates, these plants have a long flowering cycle of well over 10 weeks. It is very disease-and mold-resistant and is one of the best types of marijuana to be grown outside .

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All the seed banks on this list are really good, but MSNL is the best!

As always, make sure you read the online review of the seed bank to make sure you are investing in a reputable dealer. You should watch out for signs of scams or fake seed banks. There are lots of scam artists out there who want to trick you into purchasing from them. You should ensure that the best cannabis seed bank has a working telephone number and available support team, privacy policy and terms and conditions on their web page, and terms of refund or reshipment.

The US customs laws dictate that if your seed package is opened, you will not be put on any kind of watch list or subject to any penalties. However, the seeds will be thrown out and you will be sent a notice that the seeds were confiscated. In most cases, the seed bank from which you purchased your marijuana seeds will send you a replacement.