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cannabis seeds dropshipping

We update everyday our catalog in CSV format with all products and realtime stocks. Use original known pictures and descriptions to introduce products in your shop in two clicks

We produce all year long genetics of our catalog in reasoned quantities to guarantee each grower the freshest seeds possible and still develop new strains and Limited Editions from the best cultivars we’re permanently in the quest.

We‘re present daily on Instagram ( and actively develop our partners network, in order to continually promote our brand for the pleasure of all purist growers. In other part, our permanent available stock of the most vigorous genetics on the Europa scene and our ability to deliver all over the world will be for sure an asset you will take advantage.

Import our catalog in CSV format

Our products are declined in 6 and 12 seeds versions, packaged in designed hermetic bags. You can download here our PDF products catalog.

Real opportunity to make 30% margin on high quality products with no need to have stock or invest money.

Your customer pay on your website or physical shop; make order on our website with a 30% margin and we direct delivery to your customer, using informations you sent. Isn’t it good way to make money without logistic labor.

Canada just legalized recreational marijuana and this is a huge deal. Although the laws for everything surrounding it are not 100% there are many opportunities. If you live in Canada, you might have thought about drop shipping cannabis since you can set up a virtual dispensary and sell it without having to deal with any inventory. Canada is already way beyond the curve. They will be offering cannabis through the Canada Post. Check with all local and federal laws before you start.

It’s no surprise that marijuana is bigger than ever. With the increase in states and countries legalizing recreational marijuana, there is more product to choose from including different edibles, varieties of flower, vape oils, CBD, cannabis oils and much more. The more products out there, the more people can experiment and find the right one for them. For example, some people don’t want to smoke so they are moving on to vaping. Others have found relief in CBD as some cannot handle the high THC flower. All this has paved way for more marijuana users.

Since online businesses don’t need to pay rent, many of them are able to outlast their competition. However, if you get too big you will need a warehouse. With drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about that. You can continue to use the warehouse of a bigger vendor or supplier. They will hold the inventory for you until you’re ready to ship it out. When you get to a point where you feel comfortable getting a warehouse, drop shipping can also help there.

More Time to Focus on your Business

With more marijuana users, comes more businesses in the industry. This doesn’t mean there are more dispensaries and weed stores (although there are) but more ancillary businesses. When the gold rush hit, one of the most famous phrases was “During the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business”. This means instead of trying to dig for gold, sell the item that everyone will use. In this case, instead of making money by selling cannabis from a store, you’re better off selling accessories and products for the producers, processors and retailers.

Although ecommerce companies are easier to create, they can struggle to gain momentum. Most people think if you build a website, the customers will come. That is the far from the truth. Drop shipping helps you save time by helping you do more marketing and optimization of your site. This can go a long way.

Although online businesses are not easy, they are much easier than ever. Simply start drop shipping to make your life easier. While you may not hit the ground running, once it’s all said and done, you will have an advantage over competitors who buy and ship inventory themselves.

If you are looking to start an online business drop shipping will be the best way to start. Once you can prove to yourself that you can get consistent sales, you can establish a base for your business.