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I live in Australia and we have very strict borders.
Ordered 5 x Feminized Cookies Kush ( Barneys Farm ) and got 1 x Free Blackskull Pineapple Gum Feminized & 1 x Free Feminized Dope Seeds OG Kush.
They arrived in a DVD and the Cookies Kush seeds were packaged in the original Barneys Farm packet which was actually pretty cool looking.
The free seeds were in single plastic satchels labeled.
I sprouted 3 of the Cookies Kush and both of the free seeds and they all sprouted and are looking great about 1 month since they popped up.
Cant comment on the quality of the bud yet but at least you know they were genuine seeds.
Would definitely order from them again.

One pack of seeds was fine, sealed in breeder pack, 100% germination rate. The other breeder pack had been opened and resealed with tape, 33% germination rate and they were small, pale seeds. Will not be ordering from this seller again as I cannot be confident that I am getting what I paid for.

They didnt arrive at first but i emailed them and they resent my order and it arrived 2nd time id say about 70% sprouted but i did order over 50 seeds about 10 different strains not flowered yet but they are growing good this was there discounted £2.49 range and a few dinafem seeds too all in sealy bags

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On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 5 user reviews. is listed as "gray" at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

Have not grown the seeds yet so no idea on quality. All made it here safe during shipping. Nothing smashed. Very discreet shipping. Not going to say what it comes in so I dont ruin it for them but its very smart. Check everything you get in the mail after you order. Customer service was very helpful with my questions. Will definetly be ordering from here again

I have been using for years and have always been happy with their quick delivery and customer service. It seems they have recently updated their site and are offering some excellent free gifts so its even better. I would fully recommend!


Simona stated because I didn't pay for insurance that I didn't even qualify for replacement, that it was their "goodwill" to replace my order and they defiantly wouldn't give me a refund.


I think we all know paying for insurance was always done in the spirit of customs stopping the parcel. NOT. just missing(never had customs stop an order in 20 years and still haven't). even though Simona was to make assumptions without facts and says customs have them but can't prove this, which makes her a liar.

I put up with a couple of weeks debating with Simona, had her tell me at one point I was "wasting HER time", they are happy to take the cash, but a customer cant "waste" their time trying to get what they paid for?. Get another job if doing your job is wasting your time!.

Ordered and paid for 2 packs of seeds on the 1st of April. Following the tracking, at 3 weeks it seemed to be stuck in Australia. I proceeded to order another pack so I would still have something to grow, they turned up 3 weeks later.

The Vault do ship worldwide but urge all customers to please do check their local laws and to follow them.

The Vault gives away more freebies than other seedbanks and includes free seeds with every order in their unique and unrivalled “choose your own freebies” section where you can actually choose your preferred freebies from the top breeders. The more you spend the more freebies you will get. They also run tons of promos and special offers in addition to their freebies, where you can get even more free seeds depending on what you purchase.

The Vault are also very active in supporting change in UK and worldwide cannabis legislation and attend , sponsor, and support events all over the world, they are not just a business they are a movement focused on working with the larger cannabis community to affect change; in particular with making medical marijuana available for all who need it.

They ship worldwide in super discreet packaging (unlike a lot of cannabis seed breeders who add their logo to the outside of the parcels) and they offer a guaranteed delivery service so you can be assured your order will get to you!

Throughout the world there is different levels of legality, for example in the USA quite a few states have legalised medical or recreational cannabis use or in some places both! However it is still illegal at a federal level so it’s complicated.