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cannabis seeds bank birmingham

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#3 (England Seed Bank) Attitude Seed Bank – Flawless shipping & Awesome customer reviews

Pick and Mix Seeds was an online business that used to sell cannabis seeds and was located in Sheffield, UK. Now, the entire selling operations along with cultivars are shifted to SeedCity, which looks after the entire process started by Pick and Mix Seed bank in past. We don’t either it was a technical closure or a merger between two Cannabis giants.

The company Marijuana Seeds-NL is also based in the UK while they supply Cannabis seeds to growers globally. They’re in the Cannabis Seeds business for the last 22 years. They are among the largest and the oldest cannabis seed sellers of the world and maintain a big seed inventory collected from the Dutch growers both for Indica and Sativa species.

Manchester Seeds is located at Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, UK and they’re in the Cannabis seeds sale business for the last 8 years. Primarily they’re a garden store and distribute Cannabis seeds collected from several Seed companies, Breeders, and growers from the UK and Internationally.

5 seeds – £25
10 seeds – £45
30 seeds – £119

Currently online sales are not possible through this site, however our genetics are currently available through:

Relocation Update

In the current climate the US strains are dominating, but we have just refreshed the packaging and took in fresh batches of seeds for Moby Dick and Power Plant which are fantastic old school European varieties both famed for their high yields and extreme potency, definitely check them out in the BSB Genetics feminised category.

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Firstly I would like to introduce Jon to the scene. Jon has a vast wealth of experience in growing and consuming and has previously worked in the hydroponic industry. A customer of 12 years Jon is incredibly familiar with BSB Genetics. All this is fantastic but what really stands out is Jon’s passion for this trade and his enthusiasm. For these reasons there could be nobody more suited to work alongside me and help keep the daily running of BSB Genetics on track. Once a new retail premises is up and running Jon will be there to help and advise in all the legal ways he can ?