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cannabis seeds available in south africa

Barneys Farm is rated as the best seed breeders in the world. From Barneys Farm we at Cannabis Seeds South Africa have 45 strains to choose from. Our Barneys Farm selection includes feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, CBD seeds, and regular seeds. We have grown many Barneys Farm seeds over the years and our favorites that we will suggest any day to anybody are Triple Cheese, Pineapple express autoflower, Critical Kush, and Gorilla Zkittlez. Get your Barneys Farm Seeds with us today. You can’t go wrong with Barneys Farm. Buy cannabis seeds online with us today! Barneys Farm South Africa.


Royal Queen Seeds is just awesome. Royal Queen Seeds performs very well in our outdoor climates all over South Africa. Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most famous seed breeding companies in the world and was rated at no.2. We have grown plenty of Royal Queen Seeds strains over the years and it is almost too difficult to point our complete favorites but we will suggest these genetics. Sour Diesel, Hulkberry, Northern Lights, Fat Banana, Blue Cheese, OG Kush, and Royal Cookies are amongst our favorites. Buy cannabis seeds online.

World-Famous Award-Winning Cannabis Seeds for Sale

DNA Genetics…well need we say more. Cannabis Seeds South Africa just love DNA Genetics. They are rated as one of the top 5 seed breeding companies in the world today. DNA Genetics has won many awards worldwide and they just keep on impressing. At this moment our DNA Genetics selection includes only photoperiod feminized seeds but we are getting autoflower seeds from them very soon. Do not wait. Get your DNA Genetics cannabis seeds with us today! DNA Genetics South Africa.

For years these amazing cannabis seeds have been basically unavailable to the South African public. But we at Cannabis Seeds South Africa is helping to change that, and we just want everybody to grow the best weed in the world right at their own homes. The best weed in the world is the weed that you grow yourself.

From Royal Queen Seeds we have photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, and CBD Seeds. Get your Royal Queen Seeds today. If you want to grow outdoors Royal Queen Seeds is just a must! Royal Queen Seeds South Africa.

From the USA Cannabis Seeds South Africa has got the amazing Cali Connection. Now you can grow that Cali weed at your own home. Cali Connection is also a very famous seed company and some of the best in the world. Cali Connection brings to the table some of that classic famous and original American strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, and Bubba Kush. Cannabis Seeds South Africa currently only have photoperiod feminized seeds from Cali Connection but we want to get some autoflower seeds as well. Shop Cali Connection South Africa with us today.

We use discreet shipping methods with trusted courier services making sure your package gets delivered to your door hassle free and on time.

Welcome to Cannabis Seeds SA. South Africa’s premium marijuana seed bank.

Premium Seeds Grow Better

Cannabis Seeds SA was formed by a group of like-minded, passionate and knowledgeable growers.
The catalyst that started it all was the day we received 2 very large orders of marijuana seeds from 2 different South African seed banks costing us way more than we’d like to admit. Upon receiving our pricey orders we were more than underwhelmed by the look of each of the seeds.
They were small, pale and underdeveloped. We felt robbed to say the least.

Unlike many other local seed banks, all of our cannabis seeds are fully matured and are produced using only the finest genetics. You will never receive small, pale or immature seeds from us, that is a promise. That’s how we’re able to offer our 90% Germination Guarantee on all cannabis seed purchases, because we know and trust the quality of our cannabis seeds.

If you would like to produce your own Feminized Cannabis Pollen from your favourite strains then head over to the DIY page and grab yourself a bottle of SEX REVERSAL spray by Dizzy Buddha Genetics.