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However, in the past decade, Ruderalis plants have been crossbred with strains extremely high in THC, producing autoflowering strains that are as potent as anything else you might find.

Well, that depends on a multitude of factors because, fundamentally we are all very different people with different goals and objectives in life.

Translated to cannabis, the type of seed you should buy depends upon what your goals are as a grower.

Are autoflowers less potent?

If you’re looking for maximum potency and the greatest yield possible, then feminized seeds are definitely the way to go. If you’re just starting out growing or are limited in knowledge, experience, space and time, then autoflower seeds might be the choice for you as they provide the quickest and easiest way to a bountiful yield.

In this article, we’re going to give a simple break down of the differences between feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds so you can know which one is right for you.

Most online sellers, From I Love Growing Marijuana to Seedsman Seeds will have plenty of variety for whatever seed type you end up deciding on planting and cultivating.

If you’re looking to buy seeds online ASAP we highly recommend checking out Seedsman Seeds simply because they have one of the largest inventories out there and offer competitive pricing even on more popular/high demand strains.

The marriage of taste and potency is one of the most intriging aspects of Cotton Candy Kush. A moderately high THC strain (15-18%), Cotton Candy Kush kicks in with a strong head high after a few puffs and soon migrates through your entire being for a heavy body buzz. Taste is spicy and sweet, and you can expect to get 400-500 Grams per square meter of grow space. Cotton Candy Kush – sweet.

This mostly Indica strain is great for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, providing relaxing effects and a pleasurable smoke.

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AK Feminized

When you buy feminized seeds you can be confident that nearly 100% of your plants will be female. If this is important to you then yes, feminized seeds are worth the cost.

What’s the difference between regular marijuana seeds and feminized marijuana seeds?

People always wonder about the legal risk of purchasing cannabis seeds through the mail. Legitimate seed vendors (including those we recommend) ship discreetly to most locations. Seeds can be stopped by customs, but this doesn’t happen often.

Are feminized cannabis seeds worth the price?

Please double check your order before you check out to ensure that you have added the correct amount of promo packs, seeds cannot be swapped or exchanged once payment has been made.

Straightforward to grow maintain, and harvest – autoflowers are genetic powerhouses that eradicate many of the issues faced by photoperiodic strains – perfect for beginners to experts and everything in between. With 3 packs for the price of 2, there’s never been a better time to add autoflowers to your collection.

Yes! Our 3 for 2 promotion is open to all countries, including those that are uninsured by us. Please be aware however that if you are ordering from an uninsured country then you order at your own risk according to our standard T & Cs for your country and if your order does not arrive for any reason then it will not be resent or refunded under any circumstances.


Want more information? Check out our blog post, Autoflowering Cannabis Strains and How To Grow Them.

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