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cannabis seeds australia reddit

I've recently been prescribed cbd100 for chronic pain and am finding it amazing! The cost however not so much. so I've decided to grow my own.

I've had no luck with the often recommended aussiebakedbeans and frosty flowers (both seemingly out of stock of cbd seeds) and am wary about international seedbanks like attitude due to the reports of seizures at customs.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Australian seed banks that stock reasonably priced high cbd low thc seeds?

I guess they are preying on the people who are too paranoid to order from Attitude, herbies, pukka, bonza and the like. Funnily enough Bonza offer a domestically shipped product in one of their super stealth options, its basically a mail forward, but the package originates from Melbourne

I saw this on another forum and thought I'd post it up.

The prices are ridiculously expensive and I don't know anyone that has bought from this site or even whether it is legit.

It is worth stating that cannabis seeds are a prohibited item in Australia.

In accordance with Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code our marijuana seeds are not suitable for human consumption. They may only be purchased if you understand they are to be used for external use only or exported to a country where they are legal. Under current legislation this means you can buy them to make oil products or any type of body care or natural remedies to be used on your body. Germination or growing of marijuana seeds is illegal in most Australian states and territories.