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cannabis seeds australia customs

If you are going to import cannabis seeds from elsewhere in the world, you want to make sure that your supplier knows what they are doing. This means that they package the seeds discreetly, so they have a better chance of getting through customs. Weedseedsexpress is such a supplier. We ship discreetly, quickly, and free of charge. As a result, 95% of our shipments arrive at their destination, usually within 15 business days.

Even now, most states don’t deal out hefty fines or prison sentences to those who use or grow cannabis in small doses. Yet it is not always easy to get high quality marijuana for a good price. Some people are therefore considering growing their own. Because of that, there is certainly a demand for cannabis seeds. However, it is illegal to sell them in Australia itself. That’s why more and more people opt for importing cannabis seeds from other parts of the world, which is possible – if you choose a reliable and discrete supplier.

As you have been able to read, some Australian states condone the cultivation of a few cannabis plants, or are lenient with their penalties when you do so. In some cases, this applies to growing your plants outdoors only, not when you do so in artificial circumstances. So if you want to buy cannabis seeds from abroad and you want quick results, it is wise to try autoflowering weed seeds. These are less dependent on perfect light circumstances and more resilient to molds, pests, et cetera. This makes them more suitable for growing outdoors and you don’t have to wait for very specific light or weather conditions for them to flower. Autoflower plants do so automatically when they reach a certain age.

Which cannabis seeds to import

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As mentioned before, selling cannabis seeds is illegal in Australia. This makes it difficult to buy them there, but importing seeds from elsewhere is an option. Please remember that you can only grow a small number of plants without risking criminal charges. It is advisable to only grow buds for your own consumption and to not sell weed or seeds to others. The law is not that flexible at this point. Now if you are planning to import some cannabis seeds, where do you buy them and which should you choose?

No criminal charges will be filed against you in this state if you possess under 10 grams of weed, or grow it. You will however have to attend a Cannabis Intervention Session.

In this article we will discuss the Australian law for cannabis seeds, state by state. That way, you will know exactly what risk you are taking if you want to grow your own weed. You will also learn more about the ins and outs of importing cannabis seeds in Australia. Of course we will also discuss some types of cannabis seeds that may be suitable to grow in Australian conditions and where to buy them. So keep reading to find out more about cannabis seeds Australia.

Because it showed up in google search so if the threads are dead maybe admin should block them from the search engines using the noindex tag or delete them!! But I’m sure they wouldn’t want to lose any free traffic from google would they? As for Herbies they have advised me that 20 working days starts from the day it leaves there shop. SOS seeds stats there 21 days starts the minute you receive your tracking number! Why the fuck have I been waiting over 5 weeks for a resend then. Customs more then likely have got the seeds! What I’m saying is I’m sitting here waiting for the resend way past the 21 days!

I ordered from Herbies and got mine in 9 days. Its not different rules for aussies from seed banks. its just shit luck. If customs never got them they would arrive within 21 days regardless.

Why revive this thread too, its been dead for 6 months if you didnt notice !


Mine been sitting in customs for 3 weeks now. Ordered from sea of seeds and the ultra stealth. Always got my beans through Melbourne moved back to QLD and been waiting 4 weeks since I ordered!! (took a week for royal mail to get em here to brizzy) Sea of seeds wont resend until they have been in customs for 4 weeks. If your in oz boy’s don’t take any note of that 21 days shit sos put on there site. Seems the seed banks have different rules for us Aussies!

Why revive this thread too, its been dead for 6 months if you didnt notice !

The Australia post tracking says "received awaiting clearance for delivery" I wish they could just put "we have your seeds bitch and u ain’t getting them" at least then I would know

The rules are different for Aussies as far as sos seeds is concerned. They said to me "In your part of the world it has been known for orders to arrive in a 4 weeks after it hits customs so we can not act until such an such date" (took a week and a half just to get to customs) How is that not different rules?? Why don’t they post that on there site so us Aussies know before we order.