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cannabis seed with sprout pictures

Below are some examples of marijuana seeds germinating or small seedlings that have just germinated. Growers will often then use a weak light like a fluoro to continue the process until the plant is ready for a more powerful light such as a metal halide.

There are several methods of germinating marijuana seeds. The most popular include the use of cotton wool (cotton buds) or rockwool. Like any other seed, marijuana seeds require water to germinate. Growers will usually pre-soak the seeds in cotton wool or in a damp environment, often in the dark, making sure they keep the seeds moist but not totally wet inside the cotton wool or rockwool. The seeds will usually take a few days or a week to begin to germinate. Growers then carefully transplant the seed after the tip of the root becomes visible. Carefully the seed and root is then put in soil or a hydroponic marijuana medium such as pearlite or rockwool to continue growing.

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Once the plant has 3-4 sets of leaves, begin feeding them cannabis nutrients. Start with a low dose of Grow on the first week, a medium dose on the second week, and a full dose every additional week.
The plant should grow quickly, this is the best time to train your plant for optimizing growth. Training your plant means manipulating the branches to grow in specific directions. A plant that grows “au naturel” will grow tall since individual branches will be fighting each other for light. By tying branches down, your plant will make better use of horizontal space and soak up more light energy.

When your buds are swelling up, they have a tendency to hold a lot of moisture.
Keep the humidity at 50% or lower and avoid getting water onto bud sites, too much moisture will promote mold growth.

Seedling Stage

Optimum Environment for Drying Cannabis:

This seedling is almost big enough to transplant into a larger pot. When the leaves are reaching out further than the mouth of your pot it’s usually a good indicator the roots will soon need more room to grow.

Give your plant enough water so that the soil is completely saturated. Bigger plants will require more water and nutrients than smaller plants. When the plant is small you may only need to water them once a week. When they get larger, your plants will require water more often.