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cannabis seed trader reddit

I don't have any vendor suggestions but are you going to grow 50 plants in a spacebucket?

50 was an exaggeration. I have a Big Bucket so I think I'd try around 10 in there at any one time. from what I've seen 12-12 from seed plants stay tiny

thank you for the suggestion, but I can't buy from them

I want to try a dirt cheap 12-12 from seed SOG grow in my new spacebucket. I don't want to have to make enough clones to do it, so I would like to start from seed. the thing is that buying "name brand" seeds of a know strain is expensive. I would like to just buy 50 of just whatever and plant a bunch of them at once

The site looks horrible but it has what I need. Did you have any problems with these guys?

try the Cannabis Seeds Traders group on FB lots of those folks have big ol bags of unknown seeds

From seed won't work. From seed a plant will grow for several weeks before becoming mature enough to flip, at which point it will already be too big to share a space bucket. You could try doing it with clones, but the more rational option would simply be to grow 1(maàaaaaybe 2) fem plant.
Yield is much more a product of sq feet and light than it is about plant count.

The subreddit was reported and shut down. Now they mod ILGM subreddit. Keep away from there.

Different cannabis forums may have a trading thread; ex. z-labs has one for peoples personal crosses, while trading is against RIUs TOS best place to trade and keep genetics they have a good system that keeps fuckers and no good assholes out.

Sharing seeds (especially Cannabis) as a plant breeder is like having unprotected sex – you better really trust that person.

There was a US seeds trade subreddit group but the mods were shifty. They stole seeds then banned you before you could call them out on it.

Vet individual growers through Instagram. You are literally gonna have to give your mailing address to anyone that you trade with. Best to pick individuals yourself based on your own observation and trust.

I’m interested in learning more about the US seed trade subreddit group, the shiftiness that is and what went down. There’s a Canadian one that has some extreme shifty activity that sounds similar.

I am huge on genetics, as such I regularly maintain over 40 different strains in my licensed cannabis garden in SW Ontario. I also have a very large inventory of seed that has been collected over the last 10-15 years mostly in Canada and the USA.

Hey all! I'm fairly new to reddit and brand new to /Canadients but it seems I've found the right place for this post.

This post is about exercising our newly granted right to legally gift cannabis seeds and clones to other growers!

I am hoping there are other growers here that would be interesting in doing a genetics or seed swap. I would prefer to send fresh, rooted cuttings in the mail and receive them back the same way. I have the perfect containers for shipping clones!

If anyone is interested please let me know and I will send you a list of the genetics I currently have in live plant form.