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cannabis seed token

Last few months of our ico to go. And we are all set.

We have a coffee shop in Liverpool where you can come and meet us and it will be our 1st outlet for redemption of the seeds in the UK

With Cana token your seed is backed to the token..

Cannabis Seed Token

Its exactly this reason why we created cana token because it doesn't matter what the price is ,Our token will be worth holding as the value of seeds is worth value in our eyes. Have a look how much cannabis seeds are worth. # Cana # ico # ERC20 # ethereum

Its times like these that it makes you think what is backed to 99% of crypto currency

Cana tokens are backed directly to seeds no matter what the tokens price is.

This will prevent the CANA token being devalued to the point where it is worthless, giving protection to our token holders and investors.

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This will give the assurance to our token holders that if they ever become displeased or dissatisfied with the value of the Cannabis seed token it will be redeemable for a product that is sold by our company.


Cannabis seed token (CANA) is offering a unique cryptocurrency that will be around for many years to come because of the year on year demand of cannabis seeds.

CANA seed tokens will be redeemable for a physical cannabis seed even if the token’s value is zero on an exchange. Giving confidence to our token holders that at no point in the token’s existence will you the token holder be holding a worthless token as our tokens are backed directly to cannabis seed that will be redeemable on our website .

Also by being a token holder of CANA tokens you are investing into a cannabis company and foundation that is created to help the cannabis industry and community.

Community focused Cannabis Seed Production Through a Decentralised Growing Network alongside our in house growing operations.