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cannabis seed taproot disintergrate

Some or all seedlings fell over and died

Poor germination results can only be the result of negative outside influences after purchasing the seeds and are beyond our control. This does not necessarily mean that the grower is at "fault". Even the most experienced grower can run into unforeseen problems such as fungus infected soil, a technical malfunction on an EC meter, etc. Often growers buy the wrong soil because it is recommended by the manufacturer or retail store (consult our Soil Guide for more info).

Humidity domes are only required for rooting cuttings.

Our reputation as a reliable seed company is based on constant and strictest quality control by our breeders. From production to packaging we scrutinize the quality of every seed and select by hand. Our selection is so strict that we also dismiss perfectly healthy seeds simply because of a smaller size or unusual shape.

Possible causes for:

Watering with organic teas or various other products is definitively counterproductive. During germination and seedling stage you should use pure pH adjusted water.

There are 3 possibilities:

Cannabis seeds must be stored in the correct conditions

The start of the growth period is a very important stage in a plant’s life, so several aspects must be taken into account so that it does not die of any of a number of causes.

Seeds dying before germination

Not long after sowing the seed, we will see our little plant emerge from the soil

We must maintain suitable levels of humidity for germination

Just as excess water is one of the most common causes of germination problems, the lack of moisture is equally detrimental to the process.