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cannabis seed sorter diy

I look for a good personality and a seed that is willing to cuddle up to a nice fire in the winter.

Seems like there could be a lot of hours put into this process.

I hope this is in the right section, just thought I would put out some feelers to see what technique others use to sort seeds. Do you just sit and toil one seed at a time, do you have a process to sort out the premees. What you look for in a seed, Ideal Indica Seed appearance, Ideal Sativa seed appearance.


I just sort one by one. The premees get taken out, dried and eaten. Throw a little salt on those bad boys and they are delish! Seed appearance will change with different strains. Haze seeds will be smaller and more pale. Indica dom will tend to be large and dark with stripes. I find the average looking seed in a harvest is what your looking for. Not sure if this helps, good luck.

This design and build could begin from:

Students develop Design & Build skills as they design, build and test a seed sorter that will separate seeds into at least three different sizes.


In this Design & Build challenge, students will work collaboratively towards a common goal of constructing a sorting device that will assist students to sort seeds by size.

As a class, students brainstorm criteria that their prototype seed sorter must meet. Educators may choose to add other criteria that are curriculum-specific. For example, educators may instruct students to use joiners/fasteners, specific measurements, specific materials, etc.

Students will follow the steps of the Design & Build process:

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