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If you are buying seeds for the first time then you you can either buy online and get them delivered to Leeds, or you can visit the local shopping centre which has a brick and mortar store where you can buy cannabis seeds in person (We have no links to their business, we operate purely online). Because they have to pay for shop rent their prices are unlikely to be as appealing as ours!

We are a wholesale supplier selling directly to the public, you do not need a special account to shop with us. We sell cannabis seeds in all quantities from 1 single seed to 50 packs. We operate all over the UK and we deliver anywhere in Leeds with next day delivery. You can get the very best prices through us as we obtain our products directly from the farmers themselves, cutting out any middle man charges. Because of this short product chain, we can give the very best deal on cannabis seeds. One quick look at our reviews and you will know that you are going to be getting them from a reputable company!

You can view our full range of cannabis seeds below.

When you are looking for a good place to buy cannabis seeds in Leeds you will be pleased to know that there is a wide range of suppliers available and this can make your search much easier. You could try to find the best local supplier in the area or you could simply visit a number of places online where you could compare prices on the internet – This is often the cheapest way to get your goods. Our website has many strains for sale at very competitive prices.

If you have a particular type of cannabis strain then there are many different breeders that are likely to have it on sale. Try to research both the strain and breeder to get more relevant information on the exact seed as the breeders offer slightly different varities than one another. This more in-depth research will give much more accurate information and help avoid confusion.

Open everyday 10am-4pm (Sun 11am-3pm) – FREE UK delivery for seeds orders over £15!

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