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cannabis seed shops in liverpool

Indoors, she can deliver compact and very resinous buds under 600W lighting of 400-600g / m². When grown outdoors, you can yield up to 200g / plant under optimal conditions. Her short flowering time of an average of 8 to 9 weeks from germination is also a major plus point!
Gorilla Glue autoflower features a high THC content and contains proportionally more genetics from the Indica. Smoking this cannabis results in a powerful high with a long-lasting relaxation.

One of the better Afghan Indica cannabis strains is also available as an easy autoflower version. We’re talking about the classic coffee shop bestseller Northern Lights. With this great strain it doesn’t take months, but only a few weeks before you can reap the beautiful ripe fruits of Mother Nature.

Best strains to grow in Liverpool

Liverpool is a large city in the north of the UK and as such has several head shops where you can buy cannabis seeds. In the UK it is legal to buy seeds from a shop or online, but it is not currently legal to grow them so exercise great caution if this is your plan.

Gorilla Glue autoflower is an easy to grow cannabis strain, renowned for the copious amounts of resin it produces. The yield will not disappoint you with an indoor and outdoor grow; even novice growers can expect an excellent quality of weed at harvest without too much hassle.

The latest generations of autoflowers with their superior genetics, potent weed and rapid time to harvest are recommended for indoor grows in Liverpool – or even outside grows if you have a large and discrete plot of land! Here are three types of weed that would grow well in Liverpool.

Our customers come from all over the UK including many from Liverpool that buy our number 1 selling Stardawg seeds. If you are looking to buy Stardawg Seeds in Liverpool you will struggle to find them as most seedbanks only stock the Autoflower version which is simply not the same. Kandy Seeds UK sell the Feminized Version that you are no doubt looking for. If you live in Liverpool and want to buy high quality Stardawg cannabis seeds take a look at our original Stardawg seeds now.

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

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Our seeds are produced in our facility in Spain by a team of experts with over 100 years cannabis cultivation experience between them. Collectively during the last 8 years they have produced some of the best strains of cannabis available.