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cannabis seed scuffer

Posted on friday 22 may 2020 12:10

*All information gathered is from books by Ed Rosenthal and Greg Green, we do not take credit or responsibility for these tips.

-A temperature of 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% relative humidity is recommended.

Seed Cellar

Posted on monday 6 april 2020 19:44

-Using a paper towel is fine but can be troublesome as the tap root can be damaged by the towel.

-We store all of our seeds in cool dry metal cabinets. Inside the cabinets, the seed packs are stored in sealed plastic containers. The seeds are kept in their original breeder packs to ensure authenticity

water until they are just barely cracked and then gently placing them tap-root down into 1-2cm of wet soil.

In preparation for writing this article, I spoke to a number of other growers whom I know to see if they had any of their own unique methods for scuffing marijuana seeds. In doing so, a few alternate methods came up that also work for scuffing seeds but with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Most healthy marijuana seeds will germinate just fine if planted in rockwool or the correct soil and then provided the correct amount of water, warmth, and air. Unfortunately this isn’t always enough to get your prized seeds to do their thing. In order for a marijuana seed to germinate, water must seep past the hard outer shell to begin the hormonal changes in the seed’s embryo that tell it to wake up and get to work.

You can place sand or sandpaper on a table (sandpaper grit up) place seeds on top and rub the seeds around with your hand.

How to Scuff Marijuana Seeds

There are a number of reasons why the water may have trouble soaking through to an otherwise viable seed embryo. Some hybridized marijuana seeds have abnormally thick shells, others may have a layer of oil from your fingertips preventing water penetration. It is also common for older seeds or seeds that have been stored improperly to require more water than can seep through the seeds shell naturally. Whatever the case may be, scuffing marijuana seeds can give you another shot at seeds that didn’t germinate by traditional methods.

Are you having problems germinating marijuana seeds? Some seeds can be stubborn as hell, but by scuffing marijuana seeds you can increase your germination rates to 100%.

You can slide that same tube of rolled up sandpaper into a pill bottle, add seeds and shake.

You can add seeds and clean sand to a canning jar and shake.