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cannabis seed promotion

Spend �45 paying by Bank Transfer & get:
1x Fem TH Seeds 'Mont Blanc'
1x Fem G13 Labs 'White Lavender'
1x Fem 710 Genetics 'Lemon Candy '
1x Fem Paradise Seeds 'Californian Gold'

Buy any pack of 710 Genetics Seeds and get FREE seeds of Berry OG Kush

Garden of Green Promo

Buy ANY pack of Europa Seeds and get 3 fem seeds of The Jab (Juicy Afghani Bud)

Buy any pack of Humboldt Seeds and get FREE Fem seeds of 'Green Crack'
Buy any 03 pack get 1 Free seed
Buy any 05 pack get 2 free seeds
Buy any 10 pack get 4 free seeds

Buy any pack of Old School Genetics Seeds & get 2 FREE Fem seeds of 'Strawberry Mist'

Juicy June Other Offers:

1.) Original Dampkring Genetics – Receive 4 Free REG Sour Loser Seeds with Every Full Pack of Original Dampkring Genetics Purchased (Not Singles)!

5.) Prolific Coast Seeds – Receive 4 Free REG Seeds of KSMORZ with Every Pack of Prolific Coast Seeds Purchased (Not Singles)!

Seed City is currently having a 15% off Sale on Serious Seeds this June. Make sure to check below for more great Special Offers 🙂 Please Note that Promo items in the offers below will not show up in your cart. Rest assured they will be added by our packing team 🙂

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