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cannabis seed production spain

Philosopher Seeds are specialized in high performance feminized autoflowering, which satisfy customers who demand quality products and profitability while still offering pure species.

Among their products, they have varieties that stand out for having strong and lush scents and flavors, which they’ve managed to obtain from a long path and research that put them at the forefront of the Spanish market.

Delicious Seeds, in addition to offering us an extensive catalog of hybrid varieties, also puts regular seeds on the table for those who wish to make their own varieties through crosses.

Heavyweight Seeds

The commercialization of cannabis seeds in Spain is relatively recent, which is why it’s very useful to know a little more about the most famous Spanish seed banks.

The sweet scents and exceptional flavors make Sweet Seeds one of the best Spanish seed banks and, although initially they started only with feminized seeds, innovation hasn’t stopped.

One of the specimens that has made them very successful is the GoldMine which main features are having high production and being quite resistant.

Among its most sought after products we can mention the Black Bomb, the exotic Tropimango and the exuberant Happy Mix.

If you live in Spain and want to grow your own outdoor weed, keep reading; below you’ll find a month-by-month walkthrough of how to grow cannabis in Spain.

If you’re growing in northern Spain, we recommend germinating your seeds indoors in late April to avoid the last of the harsh winter. If you’re growing in southern Spain, you can start germinating in early April to take advantage of the longer growing season.


(Madrid) Day length June 1st: 14h 52m
(Madrid) AVG temperature: 13–29°C

(Málaga) Day length April 1st: 12h 37m
(Málaga) AVG temperature: 11–21°C

While you wait for your seeds to sprout, go out and source your pots, soil, nutrients, pH meter, scissors, and any other equipment you’re missing for your grow. Also, use this time to prepare your grow space, making sure it’s clean, receives as much sunlight as possible, and isn’t visible from any public place.