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cannabis seed packaging

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What is their packaging like? The unique and incomparable metal can. A commitment to durability and discretion. The seeds are packaged and transported in Eppendorf microtubes, where seeds and silica gel are placed, separated by a polyurethane membrane. The gel acts as a humidity regulator, so that they can be delivered in optimal conditions for the germination of a real champion plant.

Packaging Information

What is their packaging like? Rolling paper packs. Of course, a stoner of such astral dimensions could only give its packaging the shape of something he knows very well. To complete the riddle, the package carries a real rolling paper pack and some cut cardboard for gauzy filter tips.

What is their packaging like? A bullet-shaped keychain, which is dispensed in boxes similar to those of eye drops. The seeds come in their plastic pod, which in its turn comes inside a screw top metal capsule with the shape of a bullet. This format is also useful to keep certain amounts of hash, grass or extraction.

What is their packaging like? Bullet-proof plastic box, with a string to fix it to your keychain. Once devoid of the sacred chain, it can be used as a priceless compact case, to carry both depth charges and lighter extractions.

Not a single consumer will pick a plain box for cannabis seeds over the ones branded with company logo and product details. In addition to that, consumers tend to pick the boxes that provide every detail they need to finalize their buying decision. This is why YBY Boxes provides the option to print every possible detail on the creatively designed cannabis seeds box packaging ranging from CBD amount and health advisory to consumption warning to provide complete information and let customers think this product is the perfect one meeting all my requirements. Furthermore, if you plan to sell the raw cannabis leaves by utilizing your brand name, our experts carefully suggest the best designs based on their years of experience and lets you print your logo on the decorative custom printed cannabis seeds boxes to make your product easily recognizable among competition. If you want to cope with legal restrictions by adding universal symbol, YBY Boxes through its modern printing techniques also lets you get stickers and labels printed with universal Cannabis & Marijuana symbols to stick to your tailor made cannabis seeds packaging to ensure your product is fully compliant with authority’s requirements.

Everybody wants to get their hands on attractive and protective boxes to display their cannabis seeds. We, at YBY Boxes know that you also want quality boxes for keeping your product safe. Our skilled staff work extra hard in manufacturing these quality boxes better than the others while taking your preferences into consideration. Whatsoever your requirements of the packaging boxes maybe, brief our talented designers and they will try their best in producing the box packaging accurately as per your conditions and needs that will ultimately promote your product in the market and separate you from others. Moreover, the price of our specially designed wholesale boxes is affordable and does not cross the budget that you have fixed for the boxes proving to be profitable for your business. Likewise, get your hands on child proof box packaging to make sure these cannabis seeds cannot be consumed by infants in any scenario that could cause harm to them.

Design your personalized packaging effectively with YBY Boxes to contend in market with more confidence

YBY Boxes has a huge online store where you can satisfy all your hemp requirement and demands. We feel proud to serve our customers with best box packaging services and listen to them carefully so they get exactly what they want. Hence, we have a team of skilled designer who works only for your improvement and provides you the unmatchable structural design of the box as per the dimensions of your products. Our innovatively shaped cannabis seeds boxes are a trend maker in the industry and ultimately your possible buyer easily choose your product from the rest of the crowd. Now, you can have our perfectly shaped and perfect size boxes to entice customers to pick your product. These new, easy-to-open box will help your consumers to consume your high quality cannabis seeds, will surely have your customer coming back for more! Moreover, you can also utilize these small product boxes for packaging CBD oil syringes, hemp extracts, marijuana myths, tinctures, cannabis flowers, and other vials and cartridges that hold extracted cannabis oils. However, you can easily customize these boxes in any desired shape and size with special die cuts and custom finishes, will capture the attention of customers and enhance the perceived value of your cannabis seeds at affordable rates.

At the present time, you can easily promote your brand by delivering your message to the customers through the packaging boxes of your products. But when it comes to the packaging of your cannabis products, material of the boxes holds tremendous importance apart from their printing and designing. The material used for the packaging of your cannabis seeds boxes should be good enough for the complete prevention of your seeds from any type of biological contamination while keeping your cannabis products dry and secure. Trust YBY Boxes and give us the chance to eliminate all your problems related to the packaging of your cannabis seeds, hemp seeds and other products. The enthusiastic packaging experts of our experienced production team select the superb quality material with great care for manufacturing of your cannabis seeds boxes which means that you can get top class packaging boxes for complete protection of your cannabis products from adverse external influences like, heat, ultraviolet radiations and bad temperature variations. Best of all, you can get these specially crafted boxes without breaking the bank because the material used for manufacturing of your cannabis seeds box packaging is an inexpensive option. But getting your required packaging at economical prices doesn’t mean that we compromise on the quality of your boxes. Mark our words! We will never let you down in terms of quality and fineness of your packaging boxes. Set your particular individuality amongst all your competitors with well-engineered cannabis seeds packaging boxes proudly provided by us.

Improve your product’s functionality, accuracy, and quality with custom packaging boxes offered by YBY Boxes. We know by experience that pharmaceutical and dispensary goods need to be contained in child resistant packaging to mitigate the risk of accidental poisoning. To avoid such an unexpected scenario, our skilled personnel have put quite a lot of time and effort in devising baby proof cannabis seeds box packaging; designed and built with a primary goal: to make it difficult for children to access the contents inside. Therefore, whenever safety is your first priority, you can count on YBY Boxes’ safer packaging solutions. Now if you’re wondering that child resistant means boring, then let us tell you that you can still make these boxes appealing by adding captivating visual effects and intricate enclosures because that’s what choosing custom styling from YBY Boxes means! Retail store shelves or an online tobacco selling dispensary, you can now deliver the message that you’re the best anyone can get by enclosing your organic and other marijuana related products in these carefully customized boxes.

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Eco-Friendly, Recycled Boxes, Biodegradable

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers available in the market. In addition, it is resistant to strychnine, which has become a common problem in other kinds of crops that are extensively grown. Although there is no difference between the seeds and the fiber, they are sold separately. Generally, these wholesale Cannabis Seed Boxes is very popular among farmers and growers because they are able to sell seed at competitive prices. Their value depends on the quality of the seeds, the size, and the volume of the boxes that they are packaged in.

Cannabis Seed Packaging

In fact, even for the Hemp Seeds, itis wise to know the results of the seed before you try them. Some of the hemp seeds are more suitable for growing Hemp. It is advisable to avoid buying seeds that are generally considered as invasive, as this could lead to some trouble in the future. The Cannabis Seed Boxes is available in different colors and sizes and you can choose any kind of color that suits your needs. They are also available in different sizes and bulk varieties. Since most of the Cannabis Seed Boxes are the same, it is very easy to produce and you will not have to pay for extra seedboxes. If you want to produce them quickly, you can choose the bulk variety so that you can do your business immediately.

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