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cannabis seed nutrition facts

Hemp hearts come from the from Cannabis sativa L. plant. But unlike some other species of the cannabis plant, hemp hearts have nonmedicinal levels (less than 0.3%) of the psychoactive compound THC.

The plant originates from Central Asia and the hemp fibers and seeds have been used and enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. Today, hemp hearts can be found worldwide. They’re loved for their versatility, nutty flavor, and nutritious benefits.

Hemp Heart Nutrition Facts

You can use hemp hearts to make many kitchen staples. For example, you can make hemp milk by blending hemp hearts with water, then straining them. Ground seeds can be used to make flour. Or you can use the ground seeds to make vegan protein powder. Some people extract hemp oil from the seeds and used for dressings and sauces.

Additionally, hemp hearts have more omega fatty acids—with 12 grams per serving—than flax and chia seeds with 9 and 7 grams respectively. Hemp seeds are also unique in that they contain something called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an anti-inflammatory omega fatty acid; flax and chia seeds do not.

These little seeds pack a huge plant-based protein punch. A serving of 3 tablespoons has nearly 10 grams of protein, about double what you’ll find in a similar serving of flax seeds or chia seeds (about 5 grams each).

Everyone wants protein to feel stronger and build muscle. This makes people go after a diet that is high in meats, but hemp seeds are plant-based and have more protein per ounce than chicken.

It can be added to any diet, whole 30, vegan/vegetarian, paleo, or keto. Hemp seeds are a healthy choice that will also increase your overall health.

Amino Acids

Yes, hemp is good for you and good for a multitude of health reasons. Hemp helps promote a healthy heart, brain, and immune system. It can also help with pain, skincare, and hair. All of this is thanks to what’s inside hemp.

The amazing amount of nutrients is what makes hemp a superfood. A fruit or vegetable is classified as a superfood when they have an abundance of nutrients. Superfoods have multiple benefits and more vitamins and minerals than you can count.

The protein found in hemp is close to the same type of protein that is already found in our bodies. It contains the nine essential amino acids for your body. This means your body won’t waste any energy breaking it down.