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cannabis seed milk

Honestly I’m not sure what happened there Jo. I would suspect that since it is a raw product, not strained you would need to whisk it as it warms up so no separation occurs. I will try this myself and report back.

I made the hemp milk and love it cold, but heating for a latte results in a thick and gooey yuck. What am I doing wrong?

My top choice for homemade plant milk, the easiest seed to work with especially straining is so quick and simple unlike cashews or almonds that can take some time to soak and strain. I’m a hemp girl now, thank you for the inspiration Florentina!

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I’ve been making plant milk with hemp since I found this recipe and it is now our most favorite milk. Stocked up on the bulk hemp as well and we are really enjoying all the benefits of this whole food. Thank you for the inspiration, loving this site.

Hi, I’m Florentina! I’m the voice behind the easy Plant-Based recipes here at the Veggie Society. Peluci is the taste tester in chief! About Veggie Society…

An Easy and Fast Recipe to Prepare Cannabis Milk at Home

Beneficial Effects of Cannabis Milk:

The whole cannabis plant, seeds included, has a significant nutritional value. The following amount of nutrients is present in a single cup of cannabis milk:

For making your own cannabis milk you need: half a cup of shelled raw cannabis seeds and about half a liter of drinking water. You should also prepare a piece of cloth for final filtration.

Blend the seeds with water for approximately three minutes. When you have a fine mixture filter it through the cloth – and your milk is ready for serving. To achieve the best taste serve chilled. You can keep this beverage in a fridge for up to three days.

If you are looking for a vegetable alternative to milk and you have already had enough of rice, almond, oat and coconut milk, you should definitely try this cannabis milk out. It is full of nutrients and its taste is delicious.

Nutrition Facts