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cannabis seed laws ireland

But the research also explained that the majority of the members (66.4 percent) thought that people shouldn’t utilize cannabis recreationally. Irish legislators should discuss with more of their citizens and with medical experts before passing a law in this direction.

This would enable first-time offenders to ask for help and support from health or social assistance instead of getting a criminal record that could ruin their lives.

Dr. William O’Shaughnessy took it with him into Europe upon his return from India in 1839. On his journeys, he saw its medicinal results, particularly its patent capacity to reduce pain. He used it on his cases. The drug continued to be popular in medical groups until the early 20th century.

Top 5 reasons why Ireland should legalize marijuana in 2020

According to one review, the police seized 60 major marijuana-producing industries. They took plants with a total street amount exceeding €6million.

In Ireland’s variant, the Free State prohibited cannabis and weed resin. It substituted the 1920 version of the act, which was a United Kingdom law passed before the institution of the Irish Free State on 6 December 1922.

Now, most nations are taking steps towards cannabis legalization because the experience of many North American states has shown that marijuana legalization can be beneficial for local budgets. The excess income could help any country, including Ireland.

Neligan put forward a strong case to the government, saying that Ireland shouldn’t be carried back by “ relying on outdated policies born out of ignorance and social conservatism.

Different points of interest apply for breeding in Ireland. Do you want to prevent problems? Then check the most important points of attention below.

Many of our visitors from Ireland wonder if cannabis seeds are legal. The answer is actually quite simple. Cannabis seeds are legal but cannabis itself isn’t. Both the possession and sale of cannabis seeds is therefore completely legal and doesn’t fall under the drugs law as long as they are not germinated. Germinating the seeds and growing cannabis plants is in fact prohibited unless you have a permit from the Minister for Public Health. We therefore only sell the seeds as a souvenir. Do you decide to germinate the seeds? Then this is totally on your own risk.

The law

Most growers will germinate their seeds in April so that they are ready for spring vegetation. However, in Ireland you should not plant your seeds too early. Especially since you may still have to deal with night frost like in Northern Ireland . It’s therefore advisable to keep a close eye on the weather before you start the germination process. Moreover, because a seedling is still very susceptible to bad weather and infections it’s advisable to germinate and grow the seeds indoors the first 2 to 3 weeks before you move the plant outside. By carrying out the first phase of the plant indoors you considerably increase the chance of a successful cultivation.

Although this species has a slightly longer flowering time than an average autoflower, the Blue Cheese is very suitable for the climate of Ireland. Moreover, the plant doesn’t grow that tall so you can grow unnoticed. Blue Cheese is known for its fairly calming effect and is a wonderful weed for daily use. In addition, easy to grow and a nice outdoor harvest that can reach up to 400 grams per m2.

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The import, possession and traffic of hemp seeds is not subject to regulation according to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs signed in Vienna in 1961, which expressly excludes the seeds of the cannabis plant from the narcotic substances subject tointernational oversight.

The regulations and legislation regarding hemp seeds vary greatly from country to country. In several countries, including Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Canada, Japan and Switzerland, no permit is required to trade in hemp seeds.

Legislation and Jurisdiction

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it is strictly illegal to germinate seeds and sell them for germination purposes in the IRELAND, UK and others european countries and we cannot be seen to be promoting this.

We ship our seeds under the condition that they will not be used for any purpose other than those specifi ed in local law. PaddySeeds does not wish to encourage anyone to break the law. We expressly state that anyone purchasing seeds from PaddySeeds is responsible for all future acts.