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cannabis seed indica

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Looking to get stoned? Feel your worries melt away with these strong cannabis Indica strains. Indica cannabis is famous for providing full-body relaxation. Expect feelings of euphoria and happiness, accompanied by strong pain relief and soothing tranquility, decompressing every inch of your body. These cannabis strains are preferred for evening consumption, but not every Indica strain will keep you stuck “in da couch”, many of our cannabis Indica strains provide relaxation without couch lock. Indica strains tend to be a favorite for indoor growing because of shorter flowering times and plant height.

Indica Seeds Origin

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Other essential macro and micro-nutrients vital for your Indica weed seeds include potassium, calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorous, and sulfur. Most stores provide you with the ratio you need to follow when feeding your plants these nutrients and the respective phases.

Strawberry Banana flavor profile leaves your taste buds wanting more as it has a mix of sweet, earthy, tropical, and strawberry taste. Sit back and enjoy this potent strain with ridiculous levels of THC (22-26%). It provides cannabis connoisseurs with a euphoric and energizing high that gives you the courage to express yourself – the high mellows down to an uplifting high, leaving you feeling sleepy and hungry.

Nutrient Requirements for Indica Seeds

If you expose your plants to 24 hours darkness when transitioning from 18 to 6 to 12/12 it may induce sexing in some plants.

If you are looking to buy Indica seeds for sleeping problems, Ice Cream Cake seeds are your answer. Not only will you be rewarded with a high-yielding strain with a short flowering time that lasts from 53 to 63 days, but also a strain with a high THC content ranging from 19 to 23% and low levels of CBD.

Although Indica weed seeds perform well in an outdoor setting, they are better suited for indoor growth. Indicas are hardy species that can withstand harsh weather.

Auto Purple Kush

Blueberry Femis an indica-dominant hybrid that’s known for its delicious flavor and pleasing aroma. It delivers a potent, euphoric high that’s sure to please new and experienced cannabis users alike.

Indica flower should be dried and cured properly after it’s picked. Although indicas are somewhat more forgiving than sativas, the drying and curing process is a bit tricky. An indica plant’s dense buds are susceptible to mold growth, which means they must be dried thoroughly and carefully.

Where to Grow Indica Cannabis Seeds

Those growing indica weed seeds in a hydroponic garden can buy soluble nutrient blends. Most commercially available nutrient blends contain the right amount of these nutrients, but supplementation is sometimes necessary.

Despite the 80% Indica dominance, the high is very lively and suitable for daytime pain relief when used in low doses.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the types of seeds we sell:

As an Indica dominant, get ready for supreme relaxation with this powerful strain.