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cannabis seed drying time

Think of what happens in nature. The plant finishes and dies. The seeds drop to the ground. If they germinated right then, the first frost would kill them. They lay there over the winter and the cold keeps them dormant. With warm weather in the spring and April showers THEN they germinate and start the next cycle.

You can keep seeds literally for years in the fridge.

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This is why really fresh seeds won’t germ well.

I just joined this forum for exactly this reason. It is damn near impossible to find out anything about germinating fresh seeds. There’s something called a delay enzyme that keeps them from popping too early.

Myself, I dry in a paper bag in a cool dark place for a month to 6 weeks. Then I put in something airtight like a film can, along with some uncooked rice and put in the fridge for a month or so (winter), until needed. NOT the freezer. If they aren’t totally dry, moisture inside the seed can freeze, causing them to crack and be useless.

Marijuana seeds should be kept in a cool, dark place such as a basement or in your refrigerator. They should be in an air-tight container and must stay dry. Putting a cotton ball in with the seeds before storage can help suck up any extra moisture (this is why you often see little bits of cotton in seed breeder packs).

Heat and moisture ‘signal’ to cannabis seeds that it’s time to sprout, so as long as you keep the seeds in a dry, dark environment they can remain viable for years. I have heard cases of seeds sprouting after being in storage for 5 or even 10 years. However, you will notice that older seeds take longer to germinate than fresh seeds and a few of them may not sprout at all. As time goes on, fewer and fewer of the seeds will successfully germinate.