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cannabis seed companies in spain

In addition to marketing with hybrids, in World of Seeds we can get pure seeds, which is great for research purposes in plants of this type.

On this issue, the most important thing to consider is that the process of selection, hybridization, feminization and conservation of seeds is done in a correct way.

The technicians have taken advantage of knowledge obtained in other agricultural areas to apply them in the production of cannabis, which has given them exceptional results that put them at the forefront in a very changing market.

World of Seeds

Factors such as seed certification give us a very good guarantee that we are buying genetic material that we can trust and invest without risking our money.

The main idea of World of Seeds is to get varieties that have been used ancestrally around the world and create with them safe hybrid strains that give good results production wise.

They are specialists in biotechnology and plant improvement with genetic processes developed in the Science Park of the University of Valencia, which have given them great results in recent years.

In Elite Seeds they haven’t forgotten to function as a platform to promulgate improvements in the process of legalization of cannabis in Spain, tearing down stigmas around the issue.

This brand is the result of the friendship between Crockett and Don and Aaron DNA Genetics. In his passion for marijuana three friends, they formed an alliance to form a seed bank associated with DNA Genetics factory. Crockett meanwhile, provided a wealth of knowledge about seeds and cultivation

Founded in ‘95 by Marcel and Erik., Spliff strains are bred under optimal conditions in conditioned growrooms. We use carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ to form the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our seeds. After yielding the seeds we handselect every seed carefully and ca

Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming methods. We used only natural insecticides and fertilizers. The production has been conducted under strict control in isolated rooms to ensure the identity of each of its varieties. Advanced uses a sure way to obtain feminized seeds, wit

We are proud to present to you the Bulk Seeds company in our catalogue. One of the biggest and most important seed banks in Europe, especially Spain. The Bulk Seeds team is made up of professionals from all over the world dedicated to selecting and breeding IBL strains which are already well kno

The founder of Sensi Seeds, Ben Dronkers, grew their own marijuana plants since 1975 to get the best varieties with the best quality. A dedication that gradually became the profession of gathering and collecting seed varieties from around the world. On his trips to Afghanistan, and countries with