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A new era for craft growers has begun, enthusiasts around the world will be able to enjoy the unique experience of having the legendary genetics of the Super Sativa Seed Club, a cannabis treasure, an old school blast.

Kees always wondered where his father purchased his weed with that old school quality taste. In 2015 he discovered that his father had been secretly growing OSH in a hidden place for all these years. Being a breeder himself, Kees got convinced by the idea that the old genetics were very valuable. He set out to reintroduce the original taste and quality of Haze. Thanks to his efforts, SSSC is now able to sell original OSH seeds, in addition to the many other special genetics from the old seed collection.

About Super Sativa Seed Club

The Super Sativa Seed Club received a High Times Hall of Fame award in 2007 as cannabis seed bank pioneers and legendary breeders.

In the 90’s Karel and his team shifted their focus towards genetic preservation and the breeding of new cannabis strains for the Coffee shops in Amsterdam. At thesame time Karel worked on developing advanced indoor growing techniques. This made him an authority in the field of elite genetics, breeding and cultivation. It was around this time that Karel’s son Kees, who had been working and growing his own plants in Barcelona, came to join him. His products are a great success in the Cannabis Social Clubs, especially his signature strain of Karel’s Haze. Kees represents a new generation of breeders. Working with great passion and the ambition to keep the legend alive.

Back in the eighties Karel was part of an underground scene of squatters, where smoking pot was an integral part of the lifestyle. Curious about the possibilities of growing the weed themselves, the first growers appeared. These pioneers were looking for new techniques to grow quality marihuana indoors. Karel started experimenting with indoor grow facilities in abandoned houses. He used professional growing lamps, developed mineral fertilisers and grew the plants on rock wool. This technique of growing without soil was copied from the nearby glasshouse agricultural industry.

The Super Sativa Seed Club first appeared on the Dutch cannabis scene in 1985. It literally grew out of the Amsterdam squat movement of which Karel Schelfhout was an active member and where he had first begun to experiment with marijuana growing techniques.

Using seeds gifted by Sam the Skunkman (Skunk #1) and Neville Schoenmakers (Haze) Karel began his own breeding programme. He launched the Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) in 1985 with partners and, following a glowing article in High Times magazine, went on to sell millions of seeds across the world before events conspired to end the business in 1987. This, however, was not the end of Karel’s breeding adventures as he continued to breed new strains for Dutch coffee shops.

Now working with his son Kees in Spain Karel has re-launched the Super Sativa Seed Club to offer classic strains such as the Old School Haze, a daughter of the original Haze and Skunk #1, which he had never stopped growing for himself. With the regular seed strains it offers for sale the re-emergence of the SSSC is an exciting step back into the future for sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid lovers everywhere.