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cannabis seed breeders pack

Many growers are single-minded in their pursuit of cannabis seeds and seek a single strain only. On the other hand, many growers struggle to choose a strain to grow due to so much variety available. The introduction of collection packages by cannabis seed breeders aims to end that struggle. Collection packs from Amsterdam Seed Center are perfect for growers who want more than one strain of cannabis seed and might need a little help in deciding what to grow .

Some of the seed banks available at Amsterdam Seed Center have introduced a so called collection pack. This can be a pack of several indica varieties, a pack of sativa varieties, or autoflowering strains, for example. Have a look at all collection packs at Amsterdam Seed Center.

​When there are problems with delivery, inferior seed stock, out of stock seeds, and other common issues you’d experience in any retail purchasing environment, Attitude and Seedmadness handle it promptly and with a refreshing focus on satisfying customers.

Customers falsely claiming that seeds did not arrive or germinate.

Never receive your ordered marijuana seeds, or incredibly slow delivery.

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If you don’t want the security and convenience of a credit card order, pay only via cash or money order, but know that it’s easy to get ripped off using cash, check, or money order.

Hate to say it but the marijuana seed selling industry is a big mess right now. I’m not talking about the marijuana seed breeding industry. That’s doing fine. There are…

Use a fake name. Use an address that has no connection to you at all.

You order feminized seeds and get non-feminized, or vice versa. Or, your feminized cannabis seeds grow out to be hermie.

In these Breeders Packs we are offering our best lines coming from our best parental plants of some of our best and most highly worked marijuana strains and landraces. All the lines included in every single Breeders Pack are separated and labelled accordingly

Breeders Packs are especially addressed to growers and breeders interested to access to the best and widest genetic diversity of our lines.

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Pakistan Chitral Kush Breeders Pack Standard

Breeders Packs are of limited stock and their content may vary in the future, so if you are interested in the genetic composition of a current Breeders Pack, then we would highly recommend to get them while they are available, as there’s no guarantee that the same Breeders Pack will be released again or released with exactly the same genetic composition. Indeed, some Breeders Packs are already out of stock.