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cannabis seed banks that take debit cards

Overall MasterCard is a great choice for people who are looking for a reputable credit card which will help you save money and be protected.

Well unfortunately, because MasterCard is a bit more of a niche credit card, that means that not every company accepts MasterCard, and this includes cannabis companies as well. Thankfully our list above lists reputable seed banks which all accept MasterCard!

Why would you want to use MasterCard to buy cannabis seeds? Well MasterCard has been around for years and is one of the leading providers of a Credit and Debit card that has countless priceless benefits.

Why Would You Want To Use MasterCard To Buy Seeds Online?

Furthermore, because MasterCard goes the extra effort to protect their users, sometimes they will block payments from going through from foreign companies (which depending where you’re from could be cannabis companies). This means you could be trying to buy seeds and your payment won’t go through. Thankfully, you can usually fix this by calling your MasterCard representative and saying that you’re expecting a payment from overseas (you don’t have to tell them exactly what the payment is for. ).

The world is changing, you can buy anything in the world online! Back only a few years ago you would have to travel to a store to find anything, and if they didn’t offer it in your area, you were out of luck. This was especially true with cannabis seeds, which were incredibly hard to find! Thankfully the world has changed!

Okay so MasterCard sounds great, and if it’s so great why wouldn’t everyone use it?

When you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds online you might often be wondering what payment processors they accept. Most credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin, and sometimes cash, but what about MasterCard? In this guide, we’ll take you through the best seed banks that accept MasterCard so that you can get your seeds shipped right to your door!

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Seedsman – Cannabis Seeds for Sale since 2003

All of the best seed banks on this list provide worldwide shipping services and, yes, accept U.S. customers. Your parcel is rapidly dispatched by mail to the United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else you are in the world. Check their shipping/delivery information page for more specific details.

Disclaimer: Know your countries laws and regulations before purchasing cannabis seeds online. Many seed banks sell cannabis seeds as collectibles, souvenirs, or for scientific study purposes. Germination of seeds in conflict with your federal and local laws is strictly prohibited. We do not advocate breaking any laws.

Reputation goes a long way in the cannabis community, and rip-off scam artists get called out quickly. Here’s a review list containing over 100 seed bank websites that customers comment on freely.