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cannabis seed bank spain

As one of the fastest-growing cannabis seeds companies in Europe, Royal Queen Seeds is well on the way to become a worldwide market leader. With our new store in Barcelona, Royal Queen Seeds will be present right at the heart of Europe’s cannabis culture!

Alongside other world famous strains such as:

After the hugely successful launch of our seeds store in the heart of Amsterdam, Royal Queen Seeds is now opening a shop in Barcelona, Spain.

Our Barcelona shop will be specializing in offering growers our first-rate quality Royal Queen Seeds brand cannabis seeds along with various Royal Queen Seeds merchandise and accessories.

Take advantage of some of the world’s best genetics with the top seeds by Royal Queen Seeds that already won many prizes over the years, including the well-known Highlife Cup and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

This seed bank has installed its culture laboratories in 2005 in the Levante area of Spain. The climate of the cultivation sites, and a team of highly committed researchers, have allowed him to create own label products highly valued by the international community. Despite strong competition, eve

CannaBioGen collection: more than twenty years of traveling around the world in search of the grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the new world, to Pakistan, India and Thailand. Meticulous selections from more than one hundred varieties and years of assessments of offspring, have

Born of the DNA Genetics factory, the line of seeds Grow Your Own, it has become the favorite bank of collectors of cannabis, something the community of lovers of marijuana was looking forward. In addition, Grow Your Own is recognized as the global benchmark for exceptional purposes of cannabis f

Founded in ‘95 by Marcel and Erik., Spliff strains are bred under optimal conditions in conditioned growrooms. We use carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ to form the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our seeds. After yielding the seeds we handselect every seed carefully and ca

Paradise Seeds has contributed for more than 20 years in improving the quality of marijuana strains they have been marketed in Europe from the US. The company was founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, and was the result of 12 years of research, tests and experiments with many different varieties. This ma

Dinafem was the first feminized seed bank that was established in Spain in 2005. Now with 10 years experience stands at the forefront of international cannabis banks. His main effort has been focused on the development of auto-flowering seeds, with the unconditional support of many Spanish cannab

The people involved in the Ministry of Cannabis project have a long and deep relationship with Cannabis. The company founders have each more than 10 years of experience in this field. Our breeders have cooperated or worked for the most famous seed companies of this industry, and we have productio

One of the specimens that has made them very successful is the GoldMine which main features are having high production and being quite resistant.

Another variety that we cannot forget to mention is the Punky Lion, an indica example of the quality that they’ve been able to develop in Samsara Seeds.

The Canadian Kush and Prozac are available in its extensive catalog of seeds.

Heavyweight Seeds

We can say that, if we are in Spain and we want to venture into the cultivation of medical marijuana for our own use, we can already use these Spanish seed banks, from which we’ve prepared an excellent selection that you can go to below. Join us!.?

It’s appropriate to mention that in this seed bank, in addition to being able to buy the variety of marijuana that we’re looking for, they also offer us the opportunity to buy mix packs, perfect to try with different types of seeds in a single package.

In this bank we can get seeds for beginners who want to enter the world of cannabis cultivation, that is, seeds that are quite easy to grow and maintain.

The rigorous process of selection and conservation of Sweet Seeds’ seeds offers us an excellent 95% germination, demonstrating the degree of responsibility that this bank has with its customers.