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cannabis seed bank nl

From then on he put himself into making genetic crosses with the purpose of creating increasingly better, more resistant varieties of marijuana that offer the maximum sensation to the users.

They have a wide variety of hemp products and their hybrid cannabis seeds are of excellent quality. Among its most outstanding products we can name Jock Horror (Nirvana) feminized, Haze 1 feminized, Wonder Woman feminized, Auto Bubblelicious feminized, etc.

Sagarmatha Seeds is a Dutch bank that was created in the 90s with the boom of the tulips grow shop in the country. They’ve specialized in self-flowering strains, although their feminized seeds are recognized for their excellent quality.

White Label

For example, in White Label by Sensi Seeds you can get feminized cannabis strains such as White Label Skunk #1 (the original, sold as surplus), White Label Super Skunk (same as the previous one), White Label White Skunk and many other quality seeds.

This is how they’ve come to have great specialists in the creation and development of new cannabis varieties, which compete with the best in the world. Or maybe it’s the world that competes against the best in Holland?.🤔

Sensi Seeds founded White Label with the goal of offering a low cost alternative for consumers and growers. They needed an option that would allow them to lower the huge inventory of the seeds produced.

Their headquarters is in Amsterdam, from where they have made very important contributions with their varieties of medical marijuana.

Paradise Seeds has been operating in Amsterdam since the early 1990s, and with such a long history they have become an indispensable part of the Amsterdam cannabis community in particular and the Netherlands in general.

They offer fairly fast delivery with a variety of payment methods. They are customer experience-oriented and receive mostly positive reviews.

#2 (Editor’s Choice) I Love Growing Marijuana – Top popular seed bank with high reputation

Amsterdam Seed Company is not a very popular and well known name among the world cannabis community, but it is an impressive seed bank in Amsterdam. This is a safe and reliable seed bank in this cannabis capital, Amsterdam.

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