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cannabis seed bank database

The 42 latest additions in our database we list separately. Also there is a small toplist of the most frequently clicked varieties and ones with the best user reviews.

Here you find all the manufacturers of cannabis-seed we have stored into our database. Including homepages, as well as a short information about most of this breeders. And you will see – naturally – for each single seed-bank a proper list with all the strains!

Here you will find all the cannabis-strains in the SeedFinder database! You are able to list our strains in alphabetical order, you can look out only for "CloneOnly"-Strains, legendary varieties, automatic flowering strains or pure local breeds.

The latest and the most popular strains.

Here in the database area you can display all known varieties of cannabis, sorted and classified by various criteria. For even more filters and options, please use our Advanced Search.

Here you will find excellent strains, awarded onto the most famous cannabis festivals in the world.

You miss a cannabis variety in our database? Or a breeder? Or you want to help with the translation of missing strain-descriptions? Click here to suggest varieties, breeder or changes.

Without expert cannabis breeders and seed banks, we would not have the diverse and eclectic mix of strains that we all get to enjoy today. Here you can find a list of breeders from across the globe. Read all about who they are, the strains they have in their catalog and of course their reviews.

The world of cannabis is ever evolving, and to that end, this collection of breeders is not definitive. As up and coming talents enter the industry our list will keep growing and growing. Even better, if you know a breeder or seed bank that should be presented here, then let us know!

Robert Bergman is the founder of ILGM, which he started in 2012. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has learned many tips and tricks along the way.


Also on offer are seeds for warm and cool climates, outdoor and indoor growing, high CBD, high yielding, high THC concentration, and more. Included in the top strains on offer are Blueberry Autoflower, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and White Widow.

QCS has been supplying Canada and the rest of the world with great seeds for two decades, and their website has been active for 15 years. Choose from regular or special edition seeds, outdoor, indoor, feminized, autoflower, and much more.

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