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cannabis ruderalis hybrid seeds

Ruderalis is a ruderalis variety in our database of landrace varieties and can be cultivated outdoors . .

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What do we know about the pure Ruderalis?

Ruderalis, the third and perhaps least known of the cannabis sativa subspecies. It is commonly refered to as feral cannabis, as it is most commonly the result of hemp plants that eventually adapted to their environment. It is autoflowering, meaning it doesn’t need a change in light cycle to triger flowering. After a few weeks it will go straight from the vegetative state to the flowering state under existing light conditions (even constant, high intensity light). This means that strains that have ruderalis in their gene pool are more likely to autoflower. Most lowryder/autoflowering dwarf strains will do this with nearly 100% flowering within a few weeks of germination. However, occasionally, because they have been bred with other, light sensitive strains, not every single plant will autoflower.
Ruderalis strains, while not as smooth or as sweet as other strains, still produces a significant high, somewhere between average middies and low headies. However, due to the subspecies recent introduction into breeding, the highs can be erradic, varying drastically from plant to plant, as no consistent, autoflowering, standardized strains have been fully developed. It is a good option for causal growers, or anyone who doesn’t like to wait months for their product. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more autoflowering dwarves in the years to come.

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After germination, you’ll only need to wait 10–12 weeks to harvest your plants. Plants grown indoors end up short, reaching 85cm at most, while those grown outdoors can climb to 120cm. Those same plants will yield 300–350g/m² and 130–180g/plant, respectively.

For those who don’t grow cannabis, this means that the plant doesn’t require a certain light cycle to start the flowering process. In turn, you can harvest them much sooner than standard strains. To harness all the perks they desired, growers started crossbreeding ruderalis with classic sativas and indicas. As a result, the first autoflowering hybrids were born! Today, these hybrids have come a long way, and pack a major punch despite their humble ancestry.

Kicking things off, Haze Berry Automatic is, of course, a descendant of the famous Haze Berry. This variety has early roots in Afghanistan, and became a hit after it reached its full potential on California farms. Now, these dense nuggets of bud contain only 13% THC. While it might seem low for seasoned stoners, this potency is ideal for casual smokers. The terpene profile is something to behold, too. A pungent fruity-sweet aroma fills the surrounding air, and the taste is just as sweet and strong. It won’t only smell like you’re in a candy shop; it’ll feel like it too. As you take hits, you’ll feel a buzz of energy akin to a cup of coffee, but nothing too crazy.


Amnesia Haze has a 12-week flowering phase on average, so you can see why an autoflowering version was necessary. With Amnesia Haze Automatic, that time is cut down to a 10–12-week total harvest time from germination. Indoors, expect plants to reach 50–100cm tall and deliver 400g/m². Outdoors, plants hit 100–120cm and deliver up to 180g/plant.

As far as growing goes, blink and you’ll miss it. HulkBerry Automatic needs just 8–9 weeks between sprouting and harvest, and flowering won’t take longer than 7 weeks. It reaches the same height indoors or out, typically between 80–120cm. Indoor yields can hit up to 500g/m², while outdoor yields cap out at 150g/plant.

Most of you likely know about two types of cannabis: indica and sativa. However, a majority of smokers aren’t as familiar with the third type: ruderalis. To be fair, at first glance, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to be known. Pure ruderalis plants are small, and they don’t produce much of anything. However, they have one very key trait that’s kept them relevant over the years: autoflowering genetics.

Created in the 1990s, Amnesia Haze is sometimes also referred to as Champagne Haze, Ultra Haze, or simply The Bomb. Just as powerful as many photoperiod strains, Amnesia Haze Automatic contains around 18% THC. If you’re a casual smoker who wants to get lifted, or an experienced one that’s taking it easy, this is for you. As it is 50% sativa, you’ll be anything but hazy after this cerebral and uplifting high strikes. Expect a sweet and spicy aroma, and introduce yourself to the contrast of sweet and earthy flavours.

Aside from the valuable autoflowering trait, ruderalis plants don’t offer much else. They are tiny and produce minuscule yields. To circumvent this issue, breeders cross ruderalis strains with well-known hybrids to endow them with the ability to produce impressive harvests and satisfying effects.

Let us introduce you to the top 5 autoflowering indica strains of 2019. These specimens race from seed to harvest in a matter of weeks, rewarding smokers with a relaxing indica high.

Below is a list of the top 5 autoflowering indica strains. They offer a soothing and sedating high, and are super easy to grow!


Northern Light Automatic is the autoflowering version of the legendary Northern Light, a strain that has been rocking the breeding world for decades. The original strain was bred in the US before becoming popular in Holland, but the landraces used to create it are thought to have originated in Afghanistan. Northern Light Automatic brings together the best traits of this legend along with rapid flowering times and durable genetics. This creation grants beginners access to stellar genetics they would otherwise find difficult to cultivate. This strain produces green-purple buds decorated with shiny white trichomes. A THC content of 14% makes for a chilled-out body high that is easy to control. If you value taste, then you’re in for a treat. Northern Light Automatic offers flavour notes of earth, pine, and sweetness.

Autoflowering cannabis strains offer beginner and advanced growers a smooth and speedy harvest. These strains inherited genetics from Cannabis ruderalis, a subspecies from Europe and Central Asia. Autoflowering genetics have become prized, as they don’t require a change in the light cycle to begin flowering. What’s more, they move from seed to harvest much faster than photoperiod varieties.

Northern Light Automatic doesn’t mess around. You’ll be the proud owner of a fully bloomed plant only 10 weeks after germination. If you plan on growing NLA indoors, expect it to reach a height of 120cm and provide a yield of around 525g/m². If you want to raise it outdoors, expect it to peak at a height of 160cm and produce up to 220g/plant.